Data Storytelling: The Art and Science of Social Media Metrics | WEBOLUTION! |

What is data storytelling?
In two parts, it’s (1) how we use data visualization to help us see and read the story social data tells, and (2) how we as social media experts package that story and make adjustments to campaigns.


It should, but unless we can find the answer to the question “so what?” all that data just seems time-consuming. That’s why we practice data storytelling. It’s the act of data visualization before, during and after mining/analyzing data.


For all of us who want to know how to share the stories data tells, then this article gives a great framework. You'll have to read down to the end, however, to get to the gold.


Most of the article is about measuring social media campaigns. Then we get to the good stuff: the model for storytelling with data that contains 5 elements.


The other insights are good, so grab those. Then pay attention to those 5 elements and start working on your data stories. The model should get you started.

Via Dr. Karen Dietz