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This piece was put together by Jeff Bullas and selected for me by maxOz, my fellow curator.


I chose to post this piece today because as Jeff says "the social media ecosystem is now so extensive and encompassing that it would be best to stand back and reflect on some significant events and evolutionary social networks that could make a difference this year that are impacting how we communicate and connect. The comments from readers are just as interesting.


**It's important to stay abreast of these different enviornments where we blog, curate consume content and information. Knowing the landscape and understanding how to communicate in each one network is a whole other conversation.


Here's an excerpt:


The Social Media Universe


Perspective is hard to find unless you take the time to sit back, reflect and take the time to view a “Landscape” or “Universe” from a distance.


The larger the view the further back you have to stand to see the depth and breadth of the scenery and ecosystem.


Selected by maxOz and Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media and beyond"


See article and infographics here: [http://bit.ly/zGYnAN]

Via janlgordon, Chuck Bartok