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Storycode is a non-profit community hub for independent cross-platform storytellers and an incubator for their projects. We are proud to host a community of creators who share their projects in great detail. Our creators share both successes and missteps in their process with a candor that members find invaluable. StoryCode documents these process-driven presentations, serving as a repository of cross-media project case studies.


Oh, no -- what a missed opportunity! And full of irony, to boot!!


When I stumbled on this page by Storycode (an organization devoted to immersive storytelling) and their page of case studies I thought, "Oh goody! Cool stories about cool story projects!" 


Then I read the case studies and was so disappointed. I had to keep drinking my coffee to stay awake while plowing through the descriptions -- not stories! -- of these amazing interactive story projects. Hence the irony.


I was sooooooo disappointed! What's the take-away here?


Well first, go check out the videos of these really interesting/fun interactive storytelling projects. Think about ways you can use these ideas and tools in your biz storytelling. And hang out with their community.


Second, please please please don't get stuck thinking there's a model for case studies to follow that is as boring as these.


Third, write storied case studies that share experiences and engage the reader. Or don't use case studies at all and just tell the story about the project. There is nothing sacred about case studies.


Storycode is doing great work out there in the world. If you want to hang out with a community devoted to immersive interactive storytelling, then check them out.


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

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