Grimm: creature case studies. By Ian Failes (3 videos) | WEBOLUTION! |

Posted by Ian Failes on January 3, 2013 • 

"Deep into its second season, NBC’s Grimm series has showcased a wide variety of visual effects – from morphing mythological creatures called Wesen, to other beasts and magical elements. We take a look at the work of two of the studios involved with the show: Hive FX and Bent Image Lab.

Hive FX - Making morphs

Along with various other shots, Hive FX has worked on many of the key transitions seen in the show. They start with concept art of the particular creature, using ZBrush and Mudbox to sculpt models which are then rigged and animated in Maya, and then rendered through Cinema4D and the shots composited in After Effects."


Via Thierry Saint-Paul