Researchers Identify Four BlackBerry Zitmo Variants | WEBOLUTION! |
Security researcher Denis Maslennikov identified a new Zitmo variant for Android using the same command and control (C&C) numbers as the BlackBerry versions. The samples were three .cod files and one .jar file with a .cod file inside.


Security researchers have identified new Zeus samples targeting Android and BlackBerry devices.


Despite its significant user base within enterprises, BlackBerry devices have managed to stay off the radar for malware writers. That may be ending, as Kaspersky Lab recently analyzed four new Zeus-in-the-mobile (Zitmo) samples targeting BlackBerry users in Germany, Spain, and Italy, Denis Maslennikov, a researcher at Kaspersky Lab wrote on the company's Securelist blog. These variants were communicating with two command-and-control cell phone numbers associated with a Swedish mobile operator.


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