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Internet Culture Trends
Perspectives on longer term trends at the intersection of culture and technology.
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I Really Like That You Like What I Like

I Really Like That You Like What I Like | Internet Culture Trends |

Is the internet becoming a kinder, more civil culture?  The author of this article thinks so, but views the change with a bit of mockery and some nostalgia for the good old days of hostility and trolling.  The implication seems to be that hostility and conflict are necessary supporting conditions for critical thinking and realism. 


On the other hand, perhaps creative and collective intelligence function better under more civil, respectful, and shall we even venture to say, empathic conditions.  Not that this should be anything more than an average.  It takes a diversity of different views to make a strong collective intelligence.


As far as what is leading the change, it seems to this reader it is just the way internet technologies are more fully assimilated - no longer an internet sub-culture but simply, culture.


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