Weblogs: a tool for EFL interaction, expression, and self-evaluation [ELT Journal] | Internet 2013 | Scoop.it

Abstract:  "The use of blogs in EFL learning and teaching has recently attracted a great deal of research attention. Previous research has demonstrated that blogs foster development of EFL skills. This study, which takes a sociocultural approach, focuses on EFL interaction. Specifically, the study aims to identify the interaction strategies that bloggers employ by exploring both teacher-initiated and student-initiated interactions. An EFL undergraduate class at the University of Chile serves as the vantage point for discussion. Bloggers’ posts and comments are thematically analysed for the purposes of this study. It is demonstrated that blogs promote EFL interaction, self-expression, self-evaluation, and a sense of language progress. The study may be of interest to educationists around the world who are interested in identifying how blogs can best be harnessed within foreign language education for the benefit of learners."

Via Deanna Bradford