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Apple's iPhone 5 is the most hated handset - while the majority of people love the Samsung Galaxy S4, study finds

Apple's iPhone 5 is the most hated handset - while the majority of people love the Samsung Galaxy S4, study finds | Intergrated marketing comunications |
The iPhone 5 was the most criticised handset on social networks after its launch in 2012, according to analysts We Are Social. Samsung's Galaxy S4 received the least amount of negative comments.

Via Laurence Dessart
Sheenal Prakash's insight:

Yes samsung iis ain a ood position according to this article but sooner or later another brand will rise in the market and articles like htese will be written about Samsung becasue then Samsung will no longer be the underdog and people wil hten start favouring the rising brand.

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Phil Schiller Calls Out Samsung’s Benchmarking ‘Shenanigans’ On Twitter

Phil Schiller Calls Out Samsung’s Benchmarking ‘Shenanigans’ On Twitter | Intergrated marketing comunications |
Apples most prolific Twitter user, Phil Schiller, has taken to the service once again to trash rival Samsung.

Via Thomas Faltin
Sheenal Prakash's insight:

One of the consequences of competition is that it takes intrest away from the product ot the competition between brands. People are more intreseted in the trill of competiton and when the trill dies down and the competiton starts to drag on thoes same people start to view th brands in a negative light because they are not providing them with what they were attracted to which was hte competiotion and the companies who own the brand try to take advantage of th epositive attention they get from the intrested people to try to turn them into buyers  but the truth remains that thoes buyers will not be there for long. they are butterflies fluttering from one brand to another depending on which one takes their intrest so when you do have their intrest make sure you sell as much as you can to them to get profits although not hte same ca be said for the brand. The good thing about competiotion is that it can show you who your loyal custmers are as htye will be the ov=es that will stick with you even after the competiton is over.

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5 Tips for Optimizing and Integrating Your Social Media Content

5 Tips for Optimizing and Integrating Your Social Media Content | Intergrated marketing comunications |
Integration across multiple platforms, whether its social media, SEO, e-mail, or offline, is just as important as creating the content for a particular marketing medium.

Via Erica George
Sheenal Prakash's insight:

The article gives 5 specific steps on how to intergrate your social media communications in an effective way. I think it give briliant advice on the founations of using social media that many companies ignore. the first tip was that it should be easy to share. I totally agree witht this if it isn't easy to share than people will lose interest in it and the message will not reach other potential customers. The second tip was that the name you give to the content your sharing may be changed over the course to something the users/viewers miht think is more appropriate, this again is about convineience and the ease of remembering something otherwise the information might not get stored in their long term memory and may even be lost. The third advice was to keep up with the trends which is important becuase a company may have a great message they are trying to send through what they believe is an effective channel but if it not something people use much anymore than the message will not get accross. The third advice was not to expect to viral but be prepared incase it does. This way you will not be wasting resources. If you do expect to go viral you may over estimate the results and if it doesn't then you will waste the resources designated to the aftermath of the event. the last advice was ot optimise and intergrate all your digital assets. It needs to be made easy to share and the content needs to be in sync with other information available because otherwise the audience could get confused and you may lose their interest to your competition.

Rochelle Rhodes's comment, May 9, 2013 11:27 PM
I think consumers renaming your product is a compliment in itself. I agree with you Rosaria that it's almost as if the brand and the consumer are on 'nickname' terms. I believe this creates a strong connection between the brand and consumer and shows how involved consumers are with the product/service. Consumers are likely to provide positive feedback and spread the brand through word of mouth.
Min Li's comment, September 26, 2013 8:37 AM
This article highlights the importance of integration across media channels. In relation to IMC, this article presents that an idea must be integrated across all media channels to ensure it has a greater consumer response. By reading this article and Sheenal’s insight, I realised that the integrating social media is very important to IMC and the five tips from this article can optimize companies marketing communications. Good article. Thanks.
Peixin hu's comment, September 26, 2013 8:41 AM
Integration means avoiding differentiation,When using social media, I most frequently encountered problems is "differentiation", which is marketers try to get as many audiences as a social platform attempt. But under normal circumstances is a result of the attention and resources of differentiation, the company failed to find the most suitable for their own - and that any timely "strategy" ultimately ended in failure, because they lack focus.
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Samsung spends approx.15x more than Apple in marketing

Samsung spends approx.15x more than Apple in marketing | Intergrated marketing comunications |

According to Asymco's Horace Dediu, Samsung is blowing all the companies away in advertising.


But advertising isn't Samsung's only marketing expense. It also has big, crazy launch parties and promotional discounts.


If you look at Samsung's full marketing expenses, you get a better idea about the incredible amount it cost Samsung to become the world's biggest smartphone company.

Via Philippe J DEWOST
Sheenal Prakash's insight:

As can be seen Samsung has the largest marketing budget in the markeThesis shows july know how important it is to continuously keep coming up with new ways to capture the consumer's interest and to try to mandating their image. Other articles have proven that do not use only mainstream advertising like TV ads etc. but they do public relations acts as well like sponsoring teams and hostng many different events to get their brand noticed where as apple does not do any of this twitch is shown in their decrease in income in the recent years. There is also a lot of talk around Samsung and apple's rivalry and Samsung were considered the underdogs of the market when they entered the smart phone industry and I think they used this image very well in the beginning and gained all the consumers's attention who were anti-appe fvia various reasons and gave them a product to true late to. Apple had the niche followers went would pay any price to own an iPhone whereas Samsung came in and targeted the rest of the marketo saying they make products each individual and took a different angle on emotionally appealing to tmar target market especially the one's who thought they Could not afford the apple smartphones because of their high price image even though epic irises were not too different 

Peixin hu's comment, August 17, 2013 5:03 AM
I think the reason why Samsung's success in recent years partly because they establish a good brand image. First of all, Samsung have Stylish appearance compare with other brands also attracting the attention of young people. Second, we can see Samsung show up in a variety of activities, newspapers even all kinds of ball games, so that the different age’s group and different interests of the people can concern them.
Min Li's comment, August 22, 2013 3:58 AM
From this chart, we could see that the tendency of Samsung’s budget increases greatly year by year, now Samsung has been the largest company of investing in marketing advertising. Despite its successful advertising, Samsung also spend a lot of money on promotional campaign to attract customers. As for Samsung, it is an admirable company, its products are popular in Asia and Europe countries. In my personal opinion, advertising is like a dialogue between the company and the consumers, and it can be a good method for communicating the features of a product or service in a way that will motivate customers to purchase it. In the intensely competitive market, to be closer to the consumers to figure out their desires and interests are critical for the smartphone company. This is one of the reasons for Samsung’s big success. Thanks.
Abbey 's curator insight, April 7, 2014 5:36 PM

As shown in the digram Samsung's Marketing expenses are far, far higher than any of the of the other brands shown. Considering Samsung is one of the largest smart phone companies in the world, large marketing campaigns and promotional parties etc contribute immensely to the success and impression of the brand received by consumers. Considering Coca Cola is such a huge brand and marketed hugely worldwide, yet is still way behind what Samsung is spending, really shows in comparison to other developed brands how huge Samsung's Marketing really is. 


I am quite surprised at how large the gap is between Apple and Samsung as i always considered them reasonably close competitors in the smart phone industry. 

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It Shouldn't Take a Genius to Understand You

It Shouldn't Take a Genius to Understand You | Intergrated marketing comunications |
So, you're smart. But stop it already with the inflated vocabulary. To make the biggest impact, take a cue from the simplicity of Apple's branding and ditch the big words.
Sheenal Prakash's insight:

The brand is a part of the company's personality that is projected to other stakeholders. Stakeholders from investors to consumers to media and so on. These different stakeholders focus on different aspects of the business but brand is onw thing they will all look to for cue's on the product and the organisation. The article states that a gunius should be able to communicate in a way that everyone and anyone can understand it. It focuses on apple's ability to simplify things and I think that is an important factor for a brand. The brand needs to be able to attract and hold people's attention and everyone in order for this to happen everyone needs  to be able to understand what the business is teying to portray. The article states that it needs to be simple because people are lazy and often think about their own benefits before someone else's genius so if the message is complex than it will not be able to hold the stakeholders attention because it will diinish their motivation to devote their attention to you.

Min Li's comment, August 4, 2013 12:43 AM
Great article. Brand provides a connection between the company and consumers. As a consumer, I've found we generally choose the brands which are familiar with. Such as Nike shoes, Apple mobile, Starbucks coffee, and so on. Besides, brand is an important way consumers express their personality to others. In addition, Apple’s success is because customers love the products and the brand, this brand has widely respected and trusted users. And I do very agree with Sheenal’s comment, brands should try to simplify as much as possible in branding process, if there is more information to process, or it is especially complex, consumers will be confused and even have the repugnance to the brand image. In general, strong brand is really important for a company. Strong brands are always provide high quality services and products for consumers.Brands have to keep relation with customers, this might contribute to customer loyalty for long-term competitive advantage. Thanks.
Peixin hu's comment, August 22, 2013 6:22 AM
This article explains the core value is an important indicator of brand management success or not. It allows consumers to clearly identify the brand's personality and fell in love with this brand, just like Apple did. When Apple release a new product, a message will be passed on to consumers is that they are most advanced and powerful product in nowadays society. So when Apple determines the value of their brand and continue from generation to generation, so now the community has so many Apple fans even fanatics.
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Apple iPhone 5S vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

Must know facts about Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5S before considering to buy one.

Via NextPage
Sheenal Prakash's insight:


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5 Best Direct Marketing practices To help Your online business.

5 Best Direct Marketing practices To help Your online business. | Intergrated marketing comunications |

5 Best Direct Marketing practices To help Your online business. Direct marketing has been the the majority of conventional method of online verbal exchange (5 Best Direct Marketing practices To help Your online business.

Via GrupoNeo
Sheenal Prakash's insight:

This article give five best direct marketing tips for online business but I think it does not beed to. E limites to that and that the tips can be used to market you company better onlnine regardless your retail methods. 

The first tip was to have engaging titles, I think this is important for all adcertising and marketing done online. It needs to create an impact on the reader and make them want to read more. The second tip was to minimize imagesm ues instil,nbelieve pictures speak a thousand words but images can be imterpreted differently by differentexpel creating different effects on people some of which you as a business do not want tthere. The third tip was to assure your web page links are evident otherwise the point of directly markeing to them via internet and atrempting to call them to action is a waste if they do not see the link clearly and if it's not ibvious the reader will lose interest and just not do much more with it. Tip 4 was make sure the reader can relate to the content in other onwards make sure the people you are approaching are actually part of your target audience. Tip 5 was to make sure you analyze your message that you are sending out to make sure it is user friendly to get the best possible respons from the people reading it. If your message is full of jargon people will eaisily lose interest in it and not act upon it. 

Melika Trott's comment, September 27, 2013 12:19 AM
This article offers some good tips on good and effective communication. I believe direct marketing is the key to succeeding in todays compeditive world, so you had better do it right! Listen to tips in this article to implement success/
Min Li's comment, September 27, 2013 12:22 AM
Hi Sheenal, interesting article to read and I quite like the point you provided. This article talks about direct marketing practices for online business. I think company needs to note that consumers do not want to receive junk mails or unwanted messages about advertisements. Therefore, as companies, what they can do is to look into the consumer’s preferences and habits, and think about what kind of information consumers want to get. Then to make some changes to meet the consumers’ needs. Thank you for sharing a very interesting article.
Elaine Li's comment, September 27, 2013 1:07 AM
Hi, Joly, interesting article to read. This article talks about five direct marketing practices for online business. As you insight that the direct marketing is the most popular marketing strategy in organization. Direct marketing is easy to communicate with customer and introduce company product. The 5 best direct marketing practices are engaging titles, minimize the pictures, assure your web page link are evident, related content and analyze your E-mail. An engaging title will capture the target market and build interest for them to then explore the site. A title is usually the first thing that is read and therefore important that it is engaging. The above are the 5 Direct Marketing practices that will helpful to online business.
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Promotion Plan -

Promotion Plan - | Intergrated marketing comunications |
How to get the word out on your business

Via Mike Kirkwood
Sheenal Prakash's insight:

The article mentions an important point that when you creat your marketing mix you need to take inco consideration the place you will promote yoour product e.g. the internet, newspaper etc.. This is important because it prevents the company from spending  it's money on unnesssary things which will not bring many consumers in and affect sales. The article talks about the traditional ways of promoting one's products like advertisng, marketing colllaroal, public speaking and promotioanl activities, however it doesn't talk much about the the social media and advantages of technology mainly mobile technology which most most compamies take advantage of these days. The companies create opinion leaders and influence the peers of the target audience to increase awarness of the product. 

Will Costello's curator insight, August 22, 2013 11:50 PM

This article discusses the development of a sufficient and effective promotion plan for a new product. Promotion is one of the major driving forces when it comes to the 4 P’s of marketing. Through the article there are various strategies and forms of product promotion, these include effective research, keeping creative and always keeping your customers in mind. When devising a promotion plan, it is always a good idea to keep in mind the companies image and work around what would complement the brand.  This helps not only create brand awareness, but can also create an emotional attachment to the brand. An example of this is the Tui’s advertisements, where humor is used to complement a product that is made for leisure and socializing.

Danielle Petersen's comment, September 24, 2013 12:32 AM
@DavidShin I agree that a budget is a very crucial point in any promotional program, you have to be very cautious to not exceed the budget that you have set out and ensure that yes, the objectives you have set out are able to be achieved with such a budget.
I think the article you chose was very insightful and covered a range of factors to consider when creating a promotion plan.
The article has highlighted the following as the most important aspects of the plan itself;
Marketing Collateral
Promotional Activities
Public Speaking and Conferences
Media Relations Campaigns
It is important to not that all of the aspects individually create the plan as a whole, they are not complete without one another.
Lily Tran's comment, September 25, 2013 6:31 AM
@David Shin- I think you are right in that being precise with the financial side of things is crucial to ensure the success of the business. By underestimating the costs of production will see the company losing track of expenditure very fast and will run the company down. Between underestimating and overestimating costs, overestimating would be better than underestimating. To have a successful brand, a business plan must be carefully designed and planned. It is true that research must be thoroughly conducted in order to select appropriate and cohesive marketing campaign such as what to use as advertising will depend on the target audience. I think David has summarised the article well and goals should be placed in order to meet the various milestones.
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The Next Big Thing in Ads

The Next Big Thing in Ads | Intergrated marketing comunications |
There's a new type of advertising technology you may have seen Samsung use--tap one of the company's Galaxy smartphones to a poster and it transfers a song to the handset.

It's an impressive trick that could reasonably engage consumers and contribute to an effective marketing campaign. However, before you set out to create your own posters that will reach out and touch some prospects, there are a few things to consider.
The posters use near field communication (NFC)--a technology more often associated with enabling smartphones to make payments in stores. The concept isn't absolutely new. The first interactive posters appeared in the U.S. a little more than a year ago.

Via Don Dea
Sheenal Prakash's insight:

SamsungSwam sung has found a new and interactive way to advertise their brand to the consumers. they are not just focusing of making their products known individually as apple dose but are working on making sure people know their brand. The Samsung galaxy range are just products, Samsung does not market it's product they market themselves as we'll through the product. In this artichow howevehair has how's that they'd have found a new way to appeal to their consumers and to creat buzz aboutithes selves. It seems to me that they have found this is the best way to gain customers, get people talking aboappeal selves and the people will convince each other that the products are worth buying even though they are puchasing the brand equity more than the product itseands when they talk about Samsung especially do the context of theirs article they would be considering the Samsung brand feather than the different attributes of the new galaxy phone 

Peixin hu's comment, August 17, 2013 6:17 AM
This article describes that Samsung has found a unique way to promote their brand. Compare with Apple their approach is not the same, Samsung did not advertise their product but the advertising passed on to their consumers is their brand value, so that consumers feel the brand can bring them a unique experience they have never tried.
Min Li's comment, August 22, 2013 9:08 AM
In response to Sheenal's insight, I totally agree with this article. Also I strongly agree that the advertising is an really important aspect of communication channels because it can change consumer’s attitude and behaviour. Samsung invests heavily in advertising, thus it obtains the consumer's affection and faith successfully. Well done!
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How the voice of the people is driving corporate social responsibility

How the voice of the people is driving corporate social responsibility | Intergrated marketing comunications |
The business case for corporate social responsibility is getting easier and easier to make. You can argue that it boosts a company’s brand, manages risk and just plain saves money.
Sheenal Prakash's insight:

the article talks about the effect social media has on the compnies in this day and age, Social media has made it very easy for the conumers to share their opinions and/or experiences with others and influence them. This i believe is a mordn take on the traditionl word of mouth however this travels way faster and i think has more influence because people read the comments and think about their own experiences and form thier own opinions about the particular product or company within a matter of minutes rather than days or even weeks s it would have in the past years before social media was this popular. Before it took a while for the consumers to share their expeiences as they would not be able to reach all these people that easily. The most they could have easily influenced would be household members as they see them everyday and they would tell them of their experience on the day but they would not be able to reach the other people like friends or work mates as qickly as they can today and by the time they did reach these people the effects or importance of the event/product would have been diminished somewhat because the consumer would have been exposed to other product and experienced new things. Whereas now with social media the consumers thoughts or opinions can be shared withing minutes of them experiencing it and since the eperience was that recent the reaction to it will be at its peak. so if the opinion the conumer has is negative which the artle has given a few examples of regarding nestle and the plam oil they use, it could have a big impact on the company, certianly bigger than it would have before the invention and popularity of social media since it could result in a quick boycout of the product and in turn a sales and profit decrease for the company. On the other hand if the opinion or experience is positive it could creat a hype about the product for the vry same reasons mentioned before. therefore it is important to keep on the good side of social media to maintain face amoung your consumers and to keep up the image of credabiliyty.

Min Li's comment, August 4, 2013 7:50 AM
Really detailed informative article. This article demonstrates how social media is affecting consumers, and how consumers are important. Moreover, it uses Unilever as an great example to shows consumer engagement through social media is a sustainable development strategy. Social medias have two different sides: on the on hand, it might bring some risks from negative public opinions. On the other hand, it could also be a good opportunity for the company. The customer feedback through social media is immediate so the company can corrects its defect in time. Besides, the company can also further realize its own Corporation Social Responsibility by communicate with customers. In a word, both companies and customers could get mutual benefits through social media. Thanks.
Peixin hu's comment, August 22, 2013 5:33 AM
Brand is the soul of a company, its success of brand value will be far greater than its actual value, such as Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, etc., but we could not mention social media when we spread the brand value. I agree with Sheenal’s view, with the rapidly growing popularity of social media, companies are studying how to make full use of this medium. However, consumers think of online social networking market decided by the traditional rules no longer apply to social media; dialogue and sense of community is the key. Social networks are dynamic in nature, and marketers should realize that they need to guide consumers to actively participate, but have to accept whatever the outcome is good or bad.