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'Cadbury Dream Factory' promises tears

'Cadbury Dream Factory' promises tears | Integrated Marketing Communications |

New series 'Cadbury Dream Factory' is all about spreading the joy and making Kiwis wishes come true. We talked to host Brooke Howard Smith about what to expect from the 'Dream Factory' team and how you might need to stock up on your tissues in advance of its debut.

Via Dilan Jivan
Taylor Ni's insight:

Cadbury Dream Factory is a New Zealand reality show where audiences can submit their dreams through the "Cadbury Dream" website. With the sponsership with Cadbury, the show brings people's dreams to life in extraordinary ways.

Cadbury dream factory has done pretty well in promoting on websites and social media. First of all, the Cadbury created a entry on its official website where people can submit their dreams. By doing this, consumers are well-engaged with this event, they all want their dreams come true. At the meantime, the show will have a lot of sources to film. Second of all, there is a link on Cadbury's official website. People can click it and they will be linked to the Cadbury dream factory show website. Browsing the TV3 Cadbury dream factory show webiste, you will see all types of social media related to the show, which includes facebook, twitter and even spotify. Basically, the pictures of the episodes will be uploaded to facebook to keep reminding people of the dreams. The twitter allows people to hashtag 'dreamfactory' and tweet their dreams. Apart from thoes two common social media platforms, it's interestng to see the show uses spotify. The spotify soundtrack list allows people to listen to the music where it plays in the show, which might remind them of the scene in the episode they like. All of these promotions and activities on websites and social media help reinforce the show and the brand, meanwhile it also builds a strong relationship with consumers and audiences. 

Dilan Jivan's curator insight, April 6, 2014 2:53 AM

Is Cadbury Dream Factory really about creating dreams? or creating brand image?


They say that "This is definitely a test to see if people want to watch an hour of good, happy TV with their family, if there’s still a market for television that doesn’t include all of those things that are kind of the TV staples now which are drama, controversy, bitchiness, sex, drugs and violence, there’s none of that in the show."


yeah ok sure, but how many people are actually viewing the show? From my perspective i see Cadbury trying to give themselves a new image of "good" to try and completely get rid of the Palm Oil controversay a few years ago. They have applied good IMC here by trying to give themselves a positive brand image, but who knows what their true intentions are. Are we being fooled?  YOU BE THE DECIDER.

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Domino's Pizza Hero Advergame for iPad

Domino's Pizza Hero Advergame for iPad | Integrated Marketing Communications |
Today Domino's launched "Pizza Hero" a new semi-real-time advergame that challenges you to become just that, a Pizza Hero as you battle people from around the world to top the leaderboard.

Via Tim Spencer
Taylor Ni's insight:

Advergames are games which contain advertisements for a product, company or service. They are usually created with the purpose of promoting the company itself or it's products, and it can also be used as a marketing tool. As a new advertising media, advergames help companies raise product awareness and increase repeat traffic to product-promoting websites.

I believe advergame is persuasive to consumers as it's interactive, engaging and get consumers entirely involved. As long as consumers are playing the game, It keeps them exposed to the brand constantly, as a result, the brand image will be reinforced. When consumers need recognition to make a purchase, the product will first come into their mind. Getting consumers involved will build up a strong relationship with them, which enchances the brand loylty. At the stage of information search of making a purchase, consumers will be more likely to choose the familiar brand for the particular product.

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SEO in 2014: What Does Google Hummingbird Mean for Small Businesses

SEO in 2014: What Does Google Hummingbird Mean for Small Businesses | Integrated Marketing Communications |
So what does Google Hummingbird mean for small businesses? - It could be the downfall of your organic traffic if your SEO practiced shady methods.. What Does Google Hummingbird Mean for Small Businesses. Google is changing its algorithms once again. The all new Hummingbird algorithm has promised to do away with fluff content and place more importance on higher-quality search results. Google Hummingbird will change a few ways that businesses use targeted content to drive traffic and consumer sale

Via Myles Golden
Taylor Ni's insight:

Google Hummingbird is a new search algorithm introduced by Google for celebrating it's 15th birthday. The new search algorithm was launched on September 27, 2013, with the claim of Google's most user-friendly search algorithm. Which aims to provide users with a more direct and distinct answer in an interactive way. 

Since the search algorithm is upgrated to 'hummingbird', the trend for searching information is becoming conversational instead of matching specific keywords. Therefore, SEO advertisers will have to adjust their prectices to the best form to get the most benefits from 'Hummingbird'. Which means, the traditional  keywords will no longer work, instead, SEO advertisers need to make sure the content is original, distinct and revelant. More importantly, the content need to be humanized to maximize the likelihood of being identified by 'Hummingbird' information process. Ultimately, SEO practices need to be human-orientated so that the higher rank in search results and higher online traffic will be achieved.

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Enhancing In-Store Experience | Digital Influence | Social Media Today

Enhancing In-Store Experience | Digital Influence | Social Media Today | Integrated Marketing Communications |
We all know the world is going digital. However, according to Deloitte’s newly released report, did you know that digital technologies currently influence 36% of in-store retail sales, to the tune of $1.1 trillion, and that this number is likely to reach 50% of in-store sales by the end of 2014?

Via The Mann Group
Taylor Ni's insight:

This article shows the trend of consumers making shopping and purchase decisions in recent years. Digital technologies is increasingly influencing their behavior, which includes the online pre-purchase information, product information on social media, digital coupons etc. According to the article, digital technologies currently influence 36% of in-store retail sales, to the tune of $1.1 trillion, and that this number is likely to reach 50% of in-store sales by the end of 2014. It seems that the line between online and offline retail is blurred and the digital technologies are going to dominate the future retail industry. Retailers are advised to apply this to their daily retail practices in order to take advantage the new technology and social trend.

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