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In-car heads-up display lets you respond to texts with hand motions and voice

In-car heads-up display lets you respond to texts with hand motions and voice | interesting things |

We've seen companies take a few stabs at smartphone-savvy heads-up displays for cars, but they tend to be one-way devices -- while they'll feed you info, you still have to reach for your phone to answer a message or get directions. Navdy may just have a smarter solution in store. Its namesake HUD not only projects car stats, navigation and notifications, but lets you interact with them through a blend of gestures and speech. You swipe with your fingers to either respond to or dismiss any alert that comes in; the system leans on the built-in voice commands from Android and iOS, so you can tell Navdy to get directions in Google Maps or play iTunes music as if you were speaking to the phone itself.

Navdy announced on 8/5/2014 a Head­Up Display (HUD) aftermarket car console that allows drivers to access their smartphone’s apps while keeping their eyes on the road. Navdy combines a high quality projection display with voice and gesture controls to create a safer, highly intuitive driving experience. Combining advanced display technology with touch­less controls means drivers no longer need to fumble around with their phone to navigate, communicate or control their music. Navdy's display technology projects a bright transparent image directly within your field of vision that appears to float six feet in front of your windshield, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while simultaneously seeing navigation instructions or incoming phone calls. The device comes with advanced dimming and stabilization controls, to optimize usability in any driving conditions.

Due to voice and gesture controls, you’ll never need to look away from the road to use Navdy. Your app’s simplified Navdy menus can be navigated with intuitive hand gestures. Voice recognition captures more complex commands and text message responses. Navdy’s noise cancellation and wide angle gesture sensors are specifically designed to create an optical driving experience.

The device mounts on a flexible footer that fits on practically any car dashboard, and is powered by plugging in to the onboard computer (OBD II port), available in all cars produced since 1996. This makes the only required cord less intrusive, while providing car status information to the Navdy processor.

Navdy works with popular navigation apps like Google Maps to display turn­by­turn directions; it controls your music apps like Spotify, Pandora, or Google Music; it reads or displays notifications from text messages or social media apps, fully controlled by its Parental Control settings; and it displays car alerts such as true­speed, miles­to­empty, or battery­voltage from its access to the car’s computer.

Navdy works with iPhone (iOS 7+) and Android (4.3+) smartphones, and can move easily to another car or another smartphone. Once a Navdy has been paired over bluetooth for the first time, it can share data with your phone over wifi. Navdy does not require it’s own data subscription service. Initial device dashboard placement takes 60­90 seconds. Slightly longer if you read instructions.

The company is getting its display off the ground through crowdfunding. If you're willing to commit within the first 30 days, you can pay $299 for a Navdy unit instead of the $499 it will cost when it ships in early 2015.

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The Mind Of A Champion [Very Inspiring]

The Mind Of A Champion [Very Inspiring] | interesting things |
Do you have the mind of a champion? Read this blog post and find out. Warning, this blog post will motivate you to do great things.
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What is the Right Time to Tweet?

What is the Right Time to Tweet? | interesting things |
There are three ways you can easily establish a time window for your tweets.

Ralph Kennedy's curator insight, July 30, 2014 1:10 PM

Or when you can!

Remote-EPAS's curator insight, July 31, 2014 6:07 AM

A good article looking at the right time to tweet - or is there?.  Ann Smarty of @seosmarty suggests some tools to try out which might give you an edge when refining your twitter strategy.  If you don't try you will never know.  Thanks for looking....