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The diet of athletes is changing. History is showing that those with a competitive spirit are not just meat-eaters but those who are “conscious eaters.”

The Olympic games have a wide array of a personalities and with those personalities a wide array of eating habits. Many historic Olympians have chosen to keep a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle or they have chosen to change from a diet that included meats for protein into one that was rich in proteins found from vegetarian sources.

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Chris Campbell

is a world champion and Olympic bronze medalist wrestler. He is a pure vegetarian and one of the oldest men to win an Olympic medal –At the age of 37, he won the bronze medal for the 1992 Olympic team in Barcelona, Spain.

According to Seattle Times, Campbell is a very unique individual, “He practices Zen and dabbles in poetry. He’s a vegetarian who likes nothing better than tofu stroganoff. He leg-presses 700 pounds, meditates, and quotes everything from The Sermon On the Mount to The Teachings of Budda.

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