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An example of  Kaplan's Illustrated English idioms & vocabulary



English Idioms: The Body



"Have a look at our fun Body Idioms illustration. Do you have a sweet tooth or have you even given someone the cold shoulder? Discover what these idioms mean in our illustration! If you like idiom illustrations, take a look at our happiness,  animal, money and food examples""

English Idioms: The Weather

English Idioms: Shhh!

English Idioms: The Body

English Idioms: Food .


English Idioms: Happiness



English Idioms: Money

English Idioms: Animals


Quick English: Hilarious Homophones [illustration]

Hilarious Homophones #2


A brainfriendly resource. Creating an imaginary situation to contextualize the idiom, recording it with a script would make this resource really brainfriendly. One or several sentences examples are necessary to show how the  idioms  are used .

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