Medical science gone mad! In Saudi-Arabia, Surgeons reduce  an obese-two-year-old 's stomach to  the size and shape of a banana. | Interesting Reading to learn English -intermediate - advanced (B1, B2, C1,) |

A MORBIDLY obese two-year-old has become the youngest person in the world to undergo bariatric surgery...


"Surgeons carried out a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy on the boy which involved removing the outer margin of the stomach to restrict food intake, leaving a sleeve of stomach, roughly the size and shape of a banana.

Unlike a lap band, the surgery is not reversible."


Obesity expert adjunct professor Paul Zimmett from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute said the case was "shocking" and "very unusual".

"It's rather like the other day when we saw one of our spacecrafts going out of our solar system into the dark regions of space, it's going into unknown territory," he said of the case.

"We have no idea what effect this may have on the child's growth and unless he has proper follow up he may suffer vitamin deficiencies."....



Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for a two-and half year old morbidly obese child

In an abstract, International Journal of Surgery Case , a recognized Western medecine scientific journal states:


"Although the parents were informed about the importance of a strict dietary regimen a full compliance cannot be ascertained mainly due to the different socio cultural habits and the absence of the practice of calculating the calorific value of the diet."


"Prior to our report the youngest child to undergo sleeve gastrectomy was 5 years old from Saudi Arabia. We observed LSG to be SAFE & EFFECTIVE in reducing obesity and related co morbidities in a two and half year's old child."

CONCLUSION The results suggest that LSG can be a safe and effective alternative for weight control in morbidly obese children even of less than 3 years of age.However more studies and long term follow up is essential for monitoring the growth and development of children subjected to LSG."

My comment :Can two year-old get the car keys & buy a 5000 calories meal from the nearest Mac Donalds? Kids eat wha tyou givethem to eat

Teaching parents basic nutrition & parenting skills would have helped the family the basic rules of nutritional health,


It doesn't seem to have crossed the surgeons minds to show them how to avoid junk food & get proper nutrients in a balanced diet .The kid will continue to eat less...junk fund & may be depleted in vitamins & essntal nutrients.


By permanently removing an essential part of the child's digestive system, aren't the surgeons , encouraged by the Western medical system, committing child abuse?