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How to Be Better at Email: A Comprehensive Scientific Guide

How to Be Better at Email: A Comprehensive Scientific Guide | Interesting |

Email is all-pervasive, and arguably one of the most important tools of modern business. But the fact is most of us are not particularly good at it, wasting time on messages we should ignore and losing track of those that we should be focusing on. Then there's the base human instinct to cc: everyone in our address notebook whenever possible.


What are the best ways to take control and optimize your use of email? Quartz turned to academic research from around the world and other thoughtful sources to compile these insights and suggestions.

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The Learning Factor's curator insight, July 3, 2013 11:20 PM

Check every 45 minutes (not every five). Ask simple questions. Don't pollute group-emails with one-word reply-alls.

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Rear-facing aircraft seats 'safer'

Rear-facing aircraft seats 'safer' | Interesting |
Rear-facing seats and redesigned seatbelts could give passengers more protection, and improve survival rates in air accidents, an aviation expert has suggested.
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