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Yesterday we spoke about MediaLab-Prado‘s plight in the face of its threatened enclosure. Today we’re republishing an Open Letter pleading for help, penned by José Luís De Vicente, director of the Visualizar Program for Data Culture and part of MediaLab’s defense collective. Along with the letter, there’s a video from a year ago featuring international figures showing support for the lab.

“There’s no one better than you to help us to make them understand how important is protecting and preserving the valuable role that Medialab Prado has played in the last ten years. For this, we are requesting any of this three things:

    1. A statement or blog post in your own website explaining why you appreciate and value the role of MLP and showing your concern for how the current situation could threaten it. We will link to it and translate it from the website of support we are currently setting up, that should go live in the next hours.

    2. For those of you with affiliations with universities, museums or companies, a signed letter of support with the logo of your organization. If you can send it to me I will get it into the website and also printed to send them all together to the City Council.

    3. A short video that we can embed in the website, offering your support.”


Via Jacques Urbanska