Digital Arts Circus - The new-media bohemia gathers in Belgrade - Festival Resonate | #Langues, #cultures, #Culture organisationnelle,  #Sémiotique,#Cross media, #Cross Cultural, # Relations interculturelles, # Web Design |

They do not call themselves ‘artists’, but their creations mesmerize and challenge passers-by. They are shun by traditional auction houses and most museums, but might be the future of art. We met the new-media art scene in Belgrade last week, at the Resonate festival.

Belgrade has been announced to us as the new Berlin. Serbia was hit hard by the financial crisis. That’s the first thing locals mention. Berlin’s flamboyant mayor Klaus Wowereit is notoriously close to his city’s cultural class. Dragan Đilas, Belgrade’s mayor until late 2013, is a mass media mogul, who has brought Big Brother to Serbia. Performance artist Marina Abramović, who exposed at the New-York Guggenheim and works with Lady Gaga, is from Belgrade. The Museum of Contemporary Arts collection holds works by Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol, George Maciunas and Hannah Wilke. When it opened in 1958 it was one of Europe’s first national museums of modern art. Since it closed for renovation works in 2007 it has been slowly transforming into a ruin. Government funding has run out.

Via Jacques Urbanska