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This piece was written by Beverly Macy for The Huffington Post


2012 is the year companies will move from social media to social business. Every department is affected by social technologies. Did you know that even if your company never sends a Tweet, you could be using Twitter for competitive and business intelligence? The same is true with Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Here's what you need to know:


The 4 social enterprise trends in 2012:


**The Power of Real-Time Harnessing Chaos


**The Global Social Brain - It's Everywhere & It's Getting Really Smart


****2012 will see a growing body of social metadata that will spur better analytics and measurement.


****Competitive advantage will go to those who know how to turn this metadata into actional business intelligence.


**Content Curation & Discovery - Just Give Me What's Important & Let Me Find What I Need


**Social Media Education - The Enterprise Goes To School

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