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Rescooped by Olek Cygan from Just Story It!

Consumers Hungry for Brand Stories

Consumers Hungry for Brand Stories | Interactive storytelling |

"An October 2012 survey by Edelman Berland and Adobe found that American consumers are looking for deeper brand engagement than banner ads and social media “like” buttons. 73% of the 1000 adults surveyed agreed with the statement, “Advertisements should tell a unique story, not just try to sell.”


Well, there can be no argument now about the case for business storytelling! At least as far as branding and marketing is concerned.


Enjoy the chart this research shows. I know I'll be using this in my work with clients!


Thanks to fellow curator Gregg Morris @greggvm and his Story and Narrative curation for finding this and sharing :)


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

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Rescooped by Olek Cygan from Documentary Evolution!

Six Pattern of Interactive Storytelling

Six Pattern of Interactive Storytelling | Interactive storytelling |
We have compiled Six Pattern of Interactive Storytelling in this Slideshare to inspire creative work and brand communications. ...


In a constant exchange of models and methods, the documentary often adopts certain methods of construction of the stories more closely related to fiction without betraying the reality on which it is based.


Both story architects, Valentin Heyde & Christian Riedel founded the Three-Headed Monkeys in January 2012 promising a great job on storytelling.


Some excerpts:

The claim to offer an interactive experience sells video games and advertising campaigns. However a lot of so called interactive experiences are quite boring. Simply because not every story is suitable for an interactive approach.


We work with six patterns of Interactive Storytelling - that may also help you to rethink, test, reframe and tell your stories in a participatory way.

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Transmedia 101: Masterclass with Jon Reiss | Early Bird Rate until Nov 1! 18 spots left!

Transmedia 101: Masterclass with Jon Reiss | Early Bird Rate until Nov 1! 18 spots left! | Interactive storytelling |
Transmedia 101 presents Jon Reiss: Think Outside the Box Office...


Taught by critically acclaimed filmmaker and author Jon Reiss, the Think Outside the Box Office (TOTBO) Full Day Master Class, presented by Transmedia 101, gives participants the knowledge and tools they need to create a distribution and marketing path for their films. This course is recommended not only for filmmakers who have finished films, but especially those who are in the early stages of a film project or who want to have a clear understanding of the radically changing landscape for distributing and marketing films.


Jon Reiss’ approach is a practical, step by step guide to create a unique distribution and marketing strategy for your film. During the master class participants will learn:


- Goal Assessment
- Audience Identification
- Ways to connect with and build an audience for your work.
- Social media, organizational partnership and crowdfunding essentials.
- How to create a robust Live Event/Theatrical release.
- How to create merchandise that audiences will want to buy.
- A new approach to conceptualizing digital rights and their monetization.
- How to coordinate the timing of their various rights & marketing strategies.
- How to integrate the exciting new world of transmedia into their work.
- What is a Producer of Marketing and Distribution & how they can help you.

Jon Reiss is a media strategist who helps filmmakers & companies navigate the new distribution and marketing landscape. He has worked with and consulted for the Sundance Institute, Screen Australia, Film Independent, Creative Scotland, The South Australian Film Corporation and numerous film schools and festivals to devise ways to educate and help independent filmmakers in the new economic landscape. He has conducted his TOTBO Master Classes over four continents, is the year-round distribution and marketing lab leader at the IFP Filmmaker Labs and the Director of the IFP PMD Labs he co-created with the IFP.


Register on Eventbrite! link on Transmedia101 site

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