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"Web content management is at the most significant inflection point in its 15-year history. It's now all about the context."


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Context defines a visitor’s Web experience. If a visitor has come to a site through a search, he doesn’t want to click through multiple, slow-loading, hard-to-read pages to find a single piece of information. If visitors are on your site to make a purchase, it is imperative they experience the same level of checkout/shopping cart convenience that they would in the brick-and-mortar world.


If a prospect has arrived on a landing page via an e-mail marketing campaign, Sales and Marketing definitely wants that page to display correctly on any device the prospect is using.


“Delighting customers doesn’t build loyalty,” note the authors of a recent Harvard Business Review article. “Reducing their effort — the work they must do to get their problem solved — does.” Showing an understanding for the customer and respecting the manner they want to interact breeds loyalty.


Written By Tom Wentworth for Forbes

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