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Gone are the days when planning and thinking were done mainly by pen and paper.Technology have made it pretty much easier to think in different other ways. Free mind mapping , brainstorming and concept mapping applications are ubiquitous online and more and more teachers are using them . The 21st century education is based , on a large part of it, on the visual output.


The benefits of graphic organizers in education


- Teachers can use graphic organizers to engage visual learners and help them organize their thoughts

- Graphic organizers help students make powerful connections between ideas and concepts

- They help students develop their convergent thinking by providing a framework for the development of new ideas through analysis, reflection and display.

- They also help students promote their divergent thinking by using such techniques as brianstorming to generate ideas.

- They can be used for developing vocabulary skills and improve reading, writing and communication skills.

- Students can easily learn new concepts and think in new novel ways using graphic organizers

- They help students focus on connections rather than words 


- Finally , graphic organizers can help both teachers and students develop creative and critical thinking skills.


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