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Are you using this year's most important trends to your company's advantage? Here are some crucial tips.


Every year a few trends and technologies become so important that they determine the success of campaigns, and even companies. But we need to do more than identify the trends; we need the skill, foresight, and creativity to take advantage of them. Networked Insights CEO Dan Neely tells iMedia's Bethany Simpson about the three current trends we need to be aware of and shares tips for using them to connect more effectively with our customers.


Conversation highlights:

0:00 -- The technologies that will peak this year
0:25 -- The importance of mobile
0:40 -- Mass innovation in content
1:00 -- What should this innovation look like?
1:38 -- Flipping the traditional media spend on its head
2:02 -- Advice to make this work
2:55 -- Do companies need to switch to an agile model?
3:22 -- What else is going to make or break your company?


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