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Rescooped by Sini Tagiloa from IMC, marketing, and advertising!

So what is 'Integrated Advertising'?

Trying to make sense of that ambiguous term called -Integrated Advertising. Shaked & Baked by: Baumann Ber Rivnay/ Saatchi& Saatchi Advertising, Tel-Aviv. Co...

Via Emilia Widjaja
Sini Tagiloa's insight:

Quite an interesting way to look at the evolution of advertising.

Emilia Widjaja's curator insight, October 1, 2014 2:43 AM

Advertising has changed from one way communication to 2 ways. Company have collect information and combine it consumer insight, creative idea, and choose the right channel to create a connection idea, which it will bring the target market together with a good advertising

Scooped by Sini Tagiloa!

Content Creativity: Turning Point of View into Brand Equity - Forbes

Content Creativity: Turning Point of View into Brand Equity - Forbes | Integrated Marketing Communications |

In a world of media fragmentation, social media ubiquity and mobile technology, content has risen to center stage as the focus of many marketing efforts.


To discuss the evolving role of content, gyro Denver, in partnership with Forbes and in conjunction with the Business Marketing Association, recently hosted a CMO roundtable to address the importance of content and its relationship to brand equity.


The panel unanimously agreed that the most important benefit to content marketing is using quality content such as infographics, white papers and case studies to effectively “soft-sell” targets through established thought leadership. Essentially, a brand can (and should) be using content marketing to increase its perceived trustworthiness, thereby elevating brand equity.

Sini Tagiloa's insight:

Using quality content helps to build brand equity. Consumers like visual information such as Graphics and case studies to identify with. This builds a brands perceived trustworthiness and attracts consumer interest. Just another element to building a solid brand.

Bradley Tuck's curator insight, September 24, 2014 6:24 PM

The consumers perception of your brand name is everything. The more positive consumer energy a brand can channel the more likely they are to create brand equity.

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The Role of Direct Marketing in the IMC Program - Forums - Your MBA Online Degree Program and Management Students Forum for MBA,BMS, MMS, BMM, BBA, students & aspirants.

The Role of Direct Marketing in the IMC Program - Forums - Your MBA Online Degree Program and Management Students Forum for MBA,BMS, MMS, BMM, BBA, students & aspirants. | Integrated Marketing Communications |
The Role of Direct Marketing in the IMC Program Advertising & Marketing IMC considers all sources of brand or company contact that a customer/prosp

Via Mareta Simanu Sapolu, zzz
Sini Tagiloa's insight:

How effective is Direct Marketing as a tool in creating brand awareness and attracting consumer interest before "clutter" is considered a potential threat in segmenting your target audience?

Jieyi Situ's comment, May 9, 2013 11:44 PM
All elements in IMC are connected to each other. Direct marketing helps business to have better communication with their customers, which can make the business more humanized. They need to know customers' needs and wants. As Zhaowei said, "building a strong direct marketing is significantly becoming the most important business strategy".
Sean Peh's comment, September 26, 2013 7:42 PM
Hi Thim, this article emphasizes a lot on direct marketing which is good because it is really useful when company creates a relationship with the consumers. Not to mention by doing direct marketing we know that our promotion or the message that the company wanted to deliver is been delivered successfully.
Thapthim (Thim) Phithak's curator insight, September 26, 2013 10:14 PM

This article targets mostly on role of direct marketing in the IMC which is good since direct marketing is important role for the company to do inorder for them to engage their target consumers, to makes sales and gain cusomer loyalty. Having an understanding of this article will help the company to be sucessful. 

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Guide to Finding The Right Social Influencers |

Guide to Finding The Right Social Influencers | | Integrated Marketing Communications |
A guide to activating your social advocates and influencers.

Via CYDigital
Sini Tagiloa's insight:

Says it all really.. Rise in Social Media as a platform for marketing is astonishing. Also very effective, if used correctly.

CYDigital's curator insight, April 12, 2013 7:33 AM

Goes hand-in-hand with the adjacent scoop.

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Top Business Tips: Customer Insights & Digital Strategy - Business 2 Community

Top Business Tips: Customer Insights & Digital Strategy - Business 2 Community | Integrated Marketing Communications |
Top Business Tips: Customer Insights & Digital Strategy Business 2 Community Top Business Tips: Customer Insights & Digital Strategy image customer insight 300x168 These days a digital strategy is essential so a business can retain its competitive...

Via Thomas Faltin
Sini Tagiloa's insight:

"Customer insight" paints a complete picture of your target market and serves with a more accurate product or service to offer them.

Beckie Epke's curator insight, May 13, 2014 10:05 PM

It is really important to use quantitative and qualitative research when obtaining consumer insight. With out researching your consumers in the right way will mean your research results could be wrong and leas your advertising campaign to target the wrong people. If this happened you could potentially turn your target audience away from your brand. More over doing research incorrectly could become a costly process for you brand as well as becoming confusing fr your brand. Qualitative and quantitative research should take place, quantitative to provide you with the statistics and numbers about your consumers and qualitative to understand your consumers feelings and relationships to brands. Ideally you should perform qualitative research first to make sure you are asking the write questions to the rite people. If you were to go ahead and do quantitative research first, your results could be invalid and mislead you to into using insufficient channels where the consumers have little or no interest in your brand, it also leads you to validating the findings from the qualitative research. 

Malee Van Den Berg's curator insight, September 15, 2014 8:34 PM

Understanding the customer is a key step towards building an effective digital strategy. These "customer insights" paint a complete picture of the target audience which helps hugely in planning digital strategy.

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What Can Advertising Learn From PR When It Comes to Social Media?

Public Relations vs. Advertising. Earned media vs. Paid media. Huge budgets vs. tiny ones. Advertising and Public Relations have been engaged in a love-hate relationships for decades. What’s more effective? What offers better ROI? How should they work together? Should they work together?

Via Jeff Domansky
Sini Tagiloa's insight:

Paid Media vs. Earned Media. Which way is todays world 'turning' in terms of Marketing integration? Which one is more effective in modern day Marketing?

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