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Rescooped by Olivia Munro-Goodey from IMC!

Jandals in posters: Saatchi keeps the summer going with new L&P campaign (via. StopPress)

Jandals in posters: Saatchi keeps the summer going with new L&P campaign (via. StopPress) | Integrated Marketing Communications |

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Via Nicole Smith, Freda Lim
Olivia Munro-Goodey's insight:

Hold onto the summer feeling a little longer! This is what Saatchi and Saatchi's latest campaign is aimed at. Customised adshels and street posters were displayed in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch which feature removable jandals and towels. What a great interactive and experiential way to engage with consumers!! Posters were strategically placed around bus stops and and train stops and around university campuses to target those starting the new semester. The campaign had a lot of success with passers by stopping and picking up large jandals and towels from the campaign. Very engaging L&P and Saatchi and Saatchi

melanie Cottrell's curator insight, May 5, 2014 4:34 AM

Think Saatchi and Saatchi have chosen a fantastic direction with the marketing campaign.  The executed the idea of ' Holding on to Summer" by having customers poster and adshells scattered around auckland with removeable towels and jandals. They work great together as a primary and secondary medium source. 


Kiwis love the summer and especially having the warm weather we have currently, it enforces and remind kiwis of fond fun memories they have had during summer. 


creative director Guy Roberts said that "for many kiwis, L&P and summer go hand in hand and we hope this campaign will help kiwis hold on to that great summer feeling just a little bit longer.”

Bayley Lord's curator insight, May 15, 2014 9:56 PM

This is such a creative way on marketing a brand and product. especially for New Zealand, it is a new idea that has never been done before. I think that using different vehicles through IMC, it has developed into more than just a campaign but has turned into a memory. L&P have differently been very successful in being creative and implementing a more originally idea. this is very good way to market a brand and capture people attention.

Anna-Gabriella's curator insight, May 16, 2014 12:48 AM

This is an example of an engaging interactive marketing communication advertisement. It has evidently conducted in depth market research to identify its target audience.

I believe this advertisement is based around the idea of a typical Kiwi summer and the interests which compel them. 

It is interactive with how they attract attention through the bright and happy colours, also, the posters that enabled the public to pull off a pair of jandals, which then they were able to wear and attach meaning and a connection to L&P. To keep up with the jandal demand they have said they would continuously reimburse the posters to avoid public disappointment.

They are using the element of surprise to catch the public and medias attention which keeps the public guessing and adds to interest.

All around a very well though of IMC campaign utilising all the right methods in order to attract the right attention, resulting in brand equity.

Scooped by Olivia Munro-Goodey!

Social Media Is the New Television -- How Does Your Channel Look? - Huffington Post

Social Media Is the New Television -- How Does Your Channel Look? - Huffington Post | Integrated Marketing Communications |
Social Media Is the New Television -- How Does Your Channel Look?
Olivia Munro-Goodey's insight:

People are increasingly tuning into their smartphones and other devices to be digitally connected. Mobile usage is increasing in terms of website visits. The article mentions that peoples attention span is around 7-10 seconds at best and I agree in that for marketing content to be successful it needs to be fun and entertaining as that is after all what consumers are wanting to find when browsing their mobiles. The rule of 80% others and 20% your own content is important as it means it doesn't come across as me, me, me! and too sales pitchy. 

Content needs to be fun and engaging for the consumer otherwise there is no point. Consumer engagement is a strong theme in IMC campaigns and with many people now using mobiles, consumers can be targeted from all different types of channels making it harder for them to take the time to take in content. Content needs to be worth the consumers time for them to take time out of their busy day to read content. 

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Rescooped by Olivia Munro-Goodey from marketingandcommunications!

Industrial Companies shouldn’t Replace Email Marketing with Social Media | Industrial Marketing Today

Industrial Companies shouldn’t Replace Email Marketing with Social Media | Industrial Marketing Today | Integrated Marketing Communications |
Yes, social media generates all the buzz but discarding email marketing, a tried and true workhorse would be a mistake and here is why.

Via Annette Slunjski
Olivia Munro-Goodey's insight:

this article  explains that email marketing should not be discarded and phased out to be replaced by social media. Instead,  email marketing and social media platforms should be used to complement  each other. surveys that were conducted showed that the most popular form  of marketing in digital campaigns were email marketing at 78% compared with social media at 58%. I think this is correct as email marketing is a direct way to engage with the consumer and to encourage action to be made turn consumers into customers.Although social media is such an important way to reach the consumer, email marketing can help reinforce messages and support other channels in IMC. 

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Scooped by Olivia Munro-Goodey!

Using Social Media Channels to ‘Tune-in’ Your Target Audience

Using Social Media Channels to ‘Tune-in’ Your Target Audience | Integrated Marketing Communications |
Using Social Media Channels to ‘Tune-in’ Your Target Audience, The words still come out of the mouths of every generation: There’s nothing on TV.
Olivia Munro-Goodey's insight:

Focused on the social media/PR team and their role. This article looks at social media and its ability to draw a target market in to pay attention the specific brand. This article identifies the preferred channel for most consumers - online. This article promotes the social media/PR team as one who do not suffer from the confusion of multiple channels and are well-versed in this field to choose the correct channel. Invest in a social media/PR team! To me, it is very important for social media to be managed especially by a PR team. Companies need to know what content is being published on social networking platforms and need to manage this to keep consumers happy and continuing to be customers. Again engaging with  your consumer is paramount. 


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