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Branding Strategy Insider | Creative Strategy: Design For Outcomes

Branding Strategy Insider | Creative Strategy: Design For Outcomes | Integrated Marketing Communications |

So often, companies get design wrong. Designers frequently argue clients get the aesthetic wrong. That may be true, but I think it’s deeper than that. Actually, more than one party can get the function of design wrong.

Mahmood Shiblaq's insight:

This article talks about the creative design aspect in advertising. I agree with Dean Pooles quote on designing for clients in the fact that they “don’t know what they want until they have seen what you’ve done, then they know exactly what they want and it’s not what you did.” This is essentially the whole idea behind creative strategy; you need a framework that you can start working towards and clients are never happy you have to prove to them that your strategy is correct. 


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What is IMC?

What is IMC? | Integrated Marketing Communications |
Whenever I think of Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC) I like to use the example of riding a bicycle. We all know that in order to actually ride that bicycle and to reach your destinatio...
Mahmood Shiblaq's insight:

This is an interesting blog that covers the overall view and concept of IMC. I enjoyed the analogy about the bike as I felt it gave the reader a visual image of the process of IMC, each part of the bike represent the pillars of IMC and it also emphasises the assumption that for the process to move smoothly and efficiently all factors must act in a synchronized fashion.

The downside is that the reliability and integrity of the blog may be deemed poor due to the lack of academic sources and the absence of a known author.

Overall I don’t believe this takes much away from the content of the blog as it seems to fit in with the ideas of other scholars on the topic. 

What are your thoughts? And how well do you feel this blog relates to what we have recently studied? 

Orlando Werffeli's comment, August 5, 2013 7:04 PM
This comment is in relations to Mahmood Shiblaq's analysis on the article 'what is IMC'.This article briefly touches on the importance of Integrated Marketing Communication and the benefits it can have on a business when everything works together for a direct goal. The Author has related this relationship between parts of organisations to the parts of a bicycle and how they use gears and force to reaching a target. Answering Mahmoods question I feel that there are similar tenancies with the IMC concept and the importance of communication. I like Mahmood found the author has a great way of portraying this idea though the use of a bike.
Savanna Steele's comment, August 22, 2013 5:30 PM
The example of IMC acting like a bicycle in terms of working collaboratively, is a great example of how IMC should be implemented. Ensuring that the media avenues used are suitable in terms of what the brand stands for. Furthermore the key is to ensure that the message of your brand is clearly defined to all media sources, ensuring that the same message is being portrayed across all areas. This article states that IMC is a full 360 campaign, which should be the goal for every company to aspire towards as it increases ROI and customer interactions.
Anna Bairstow's comment, August 22, 2013 11:46 PM
This is a straight forward, yet effective article about the conecpt of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) that you have chosen Finau. I agree with the article when it explains that IMC is a combination of disciplines that work together to effectively reach a common goal, which simply comes down to being the consumer. I now understand from reading this article that IMC essentially involves a combination of three factors which are: traditional marketing disciplines, communications disciplines and technology. These are all crucial factors to consider in order to successfully reach and communicate with audiences through this IMC approach.