Integrated Marketing Communications 2013 SEM 1
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Creative Content Marketing Strategy: Best Brand Examples

Creative Content Marketing Strategy: Best Brand Examples | Integrated Marketing Communications 2013 SEM 1 |

Open University, Corning and SAP have been killing it with optimized, creative content marketing. Learn from their most successful campaigns. ...Quality rules the day when it comes to content creation. We write often here on the importance of content planning and optimization and Lee Odden offered a complete framework for optimizing across SEO, social media and content marketing in his book, Optimize. Here are just a few examples of brands killing it with great content. Check them out and see what lessons you can take away to improve your own content strategy....

Via Jeff Domansky
Dong Wook Han's insight:

For a brand to succeed, it has to have its unique and creative marketing strategy to stand out from the competitors. But thesedays, many brands rush into making a marketing strategy. It is a time-consuming process to bring up an ideal marketing strategy that is creative and includes conternts of a brand. According to this article, there are 3 steps need to be taken into consideration when it comes to making such strategy; Discovery, Consumption and Action.  

Each step is related to audience. Brands should know what they want and expect from their contents and how they can satisfy them by consuimg the products. 

Savanna Steele's curator insight, September 25, 2013 8:21 PM

This article presents perfect examples of the correct way to implement creative content marketing. I find this article interesting in the regards to how successful the campagions that were used as examples had been so uniquiely different from one another. Again re-enforcing the content that was taught in week 7 in IMC. The means of communication that they use in the examlpes shows that the brands did their homework on their target audience and used creative methods to draw them into the conversation. 

Finau Tuipulotu's comment, September 26, 2013 11:58 AM
Good read savanna. This reading is almost similar to “12 Brilliant Direct Marketing Pieces you have to see”. In order to be creative you have to be able to have create unique marketing strategies to overcome competitors and also great demonstrating of marketing communications. Shown in the article are the three steps to creating content marketing success.
Anna Bairstow's comment, September 26, 2013 6:32 PM
Great scoop Savanna! Like you both mention, using the right kind of creativity in the right way is key for successful marketing strategies, in order to give brands that competitive edge needed in today's comeptitive and content driven consumer market. Reaching the right target audience with their creative messages is also important, through the use of communication and engagement that speaks to consumers.
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Why Direct Marketing Sucks on Twitter | Twitter Marketing for Dummies

Check out this post from Akos!

Via Wayne Eaton
Dong Wook Han's insight:

This article explains why direct marketing on Twitter doesn't really work and sell people to click ad links, as they don't like to be told and forced to look at pop-up advertisements on Twitter and sorts like Facebook. It suggests to communicate with the followers rather than telling them what to do or buy. I think the article elaborates the main reason why people tend to ignore thoses ads on social media websites. Personally I consider them clutters. But I am not sure whether this so called friendly approach marketing would work and sell more efficiently to draw people's attention than direct marketing because at the end of the day it is still considered ads, just a different way of marketing.

Cindy Cao's comment, May 10, 2013 12:43 AM
I think Doog Wook's opinions about the article is very valid. It is true, to be a consumer myself, I don't like people to push me into things that I might not be interested in. A good example using social media that I can accept is Facebook, where I can see that the people that I know are sharing particular information that I might be interested in, and because the people on Facebook are usually my friends, I see this information to be more trustworthy and is more convinced in trying,
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7 shameless tactics marketers use to fool you, Rachel Sprung Hubspot

7 shameless tactics marketers use to fool you, Rachel Sprung Hubspot | Integrated Marketing Communications 2013 SEM 1 |

1) Cute Animals

2) Using Numbers to Shock People

3) Babies

4) Berating Your Audience

5) Hyperbolic Headlines

6) Sex Appeal

7) Newsjacking

Via Carl Zide
Dong Wook Han's insight:

This article allured me in reading it and made me realise what kinds of tactics marketers use in order to make their advertiment or marketing successful. 

Gillian Ye's comment, April 7, 2013 7:50 PM
All very true! I can say that these marketing tactics definitely work on me especially the cute animals, shocking numbers and the babies!
Clare Chen's comment, April 8, 2013 8:43 AM
Something i find in common with most of these tactics are that they trigger emotions. This tells us that emotions are a great way to attract your consumers, something that is quite a new revelation in the last decade. They all play with your feelings and lure you in before they drop the bomb on you. An example is the ad of a young thai girl who learns to play the violin through a dying homeless man. We are lured into the ad through the emotional story and later find out it's an ad for Pantene, a hair product brand we know too well.
Cindy Cao's comment, April 9, 2013 1:59 AM
This article is definitely pointing out the truth, I have to say it, being human we are attracted to at least one of those tactics. but hey, like the article says, getting genuine attention f the consumer is crucial to engaging the consumer to awareness.
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Dodgy 'organic' labels fooling health conscious food shoppers - Life & Style - NZ Herald News

Dodgy 'organic' labels fooling health conscious food shoppers - Life & Style - NZ Herald News | Integrated Marketing Communications 2013 SEM 1 |
Health-conscious shoppers are being duped into buying products labelled organic without knowing what it means or if the product is what the label says it is, experts warn.
Dong Wook Han's insight:

This article is a good example of brand/label images that influence consumer behaviour. Consumers easily can be manipulated and fooled by labels the brands label on their products to make consumers believe that they provide and guarantee the products. If consumers have little knowledge of a certain market, especially when it comes down to certification of labeling. Therefore, it shows how easily consumers believe what they see on the lable of products to be what they are getting. Thanks to this news article, I think food shoppers will be more aware of choosing the right organic food and through word of mouth and social network webs, many consumers will have a second thought when they buy food next time. This changes the pattern of consumer behaviour.

Gillian Ye's comment, April 7, 2013 8:07 PM
I really relate to this article because I often get sucked into food labeling especially when brands use words like organic, fresh and natural. I was quite surprised that we don't have tighter laws in NZ about the use of these words in food labeling as it fools the consumer on what they're really getting. There definitely should be a change in these laws so consumers are more aware and protected while purchasing.
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15 Businesses to Admire for Consistent, Stellar Branding

15 Businesses to Admire for Consistent, Stellar Branding | Integrated Marketing Communications 2013 SEM 1 |

Look at 15 brands that have figured out how to have consistently stellar branding across all of their marketing assets.

Dong Wook Han's insight:

This scoopit article was interesting to read because when I had a look at it just for a split second, there were so many brands that I had never heard of. Out of 15, I could only recognise 4 of them. I believed I knew a lot of brands but I was wrong. It shows how each of these brands has specific brand marketing and advertising to differentiate from other competitors in the same industry. They don't only have a creative marketing strategy or advertising, but also unique logo or slogan that catches people's attenton to the point where it makes people interested to find out about more of the brand (that is how I felt). I think it will get tougher and harder to enter a market in any industries as there are many forementioned innovative brands and marketing strategies out there.   

Jordan Smith's comment, August 22, 2013 5:14 AM
This article gives some great example of brands that have managed to make their brands stand out through IMC. I definitely agree that content and communication with consumers, is an essential part of what makes a consumer continue to use a brand this can be seen right through from packaging to the way in which employees engage with customers. How transparent a brand appears to be can also play a factor in whether or not a consumer chooses to stay loyal, a lot of these brands mentioned below have played on this for example Lush which produce organic beauty products, they use a “natural” theme in their packaging which is simple and basic as they as seen as having a “no frills” approach which is all part of communicating their key message of producing organic products.
German Grebenyuk's comment, August 22, 2013 6:50 PM
Yeah, it’s interesting how the article actually draws connections between being attracted to people’s personalities and brands’ personalities. I think it is indeed a lot easier to attract and engage consumers, create a pleasant experience if a brand’s personality reminds them of their friends or partner.
Aleisha Snell's comment, August 23, 2013 12:15 AM
I like how this article shows how different businesses gain emotional responses from their consumers. I agree with Melika and how she mentions that 'like personal relationship consumers are looking for certain characteristics within a brand.' this is a valid point and it shows that the marketers of companies actually need to be in the eyes of their consumers/target group in order to affectively get the positive emotional responses - by receiving a positive response then other marketing techniques will be enforced- for example; word of mouth. Businesses would be better off keeping the existing happy consumers as opposed to trying to pick up new consumers.
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Psychology In Action: Why Unconscious Tendencies Matter To Business Owners - Fast Company

Psychology In Action: Why Unconscious Tendencies Matter To Business Owners - Fast Company | Integrated Marketing Communications 2013 SEM 1 |
Psychology In Action: Why Unconscious Tendencies Matter To Business OwnersFast CompanyThe blog Neuromarketing noted recent research which indicates that appeals to emotion can often be more effective than advertising which focuses on logic and...

Via Johnny E. Ramos Ch.
Dong Wook Han's insight:

I found this article really helpful to understand why psychology and emotional appeals as a marketing strategy are signficant. It shows 3 ways to maximise psychology appeals; context for prizes, seduction, and apoplogy.


It was interesting to know that a corporate apologising to customers as to what it has done something inappropriate to them is worth a try to rebuild a relationship with them. 

Cindy Cao's comment, May 10, 2013 12:37 AM
It is easy to see the tactics marketers use to engage the audience to the brand and obviously with a big company or brand, apologising to the customer in a grand way can make the company seem sincere and can be used as marketing that is beneficial to the company in the long run.
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Chrysler cites Nike, Starbucks in strategy to personalize brand

Chrysler cites Nike, Starbucks in strategy to personalize brand | Integrated Marketing Communications 2013 SEM 1 |
The Chrysler brand competes against other auto brands like Ford and Chevrolet. But Saad Chehab, president and CEO of Chrysler, has a few other business comparisons.

Via Sylvain Leroux
Dong Wook Han's insight:

This article is a good example of differentiation of marketing strategy in a competitive industry. Chrysler benchmarked Nike and Starbucks's model of brand customisation. Reading through this article, I thought Chrysler seemed a bit desparate to win at all costs and in fear of losing a market share of the auto industry. But, they are differentiating ther brand marketing to be more standout than the other brands, which helps the brand to bring a new trend for the way of marketing in the industry that hasn't ever been done before, therefore there is a high possibility of attracting consumers. 

Luna Phan's curator insight, April 9, 2013 9:22 AM

By differentiating its product with other Benchmark's, Chryler had built it brand as an luxury product with limited edition and own designed in request. Customer's ownership can be fulfilled by adding some more personal details to the car. This may higher customer's satisfation as well as the brand value.  

Ilona Hussain's comment, April 9, 2013 10:25 PM
I found it very interesting how Saad Chehab decided to use the same concept as Starbucks of personalizing products. After reading the first part of the article I was unsure as to how he would go about implementing this concept; it would be very difficult (as well as expensive) to create a car which was tailored to an individual consumers personal taste. However the way Chehab implemented the new company strategy I believe was very successful. Attracting the attention of a worldwide artist like 50cent would definitely be good PR for the company especially when the music video the car features in has already been viewed 35 million time
Shiv Batta's comment, April 10, 2013 12:44 AM
Interesting. Some companies strive to create the largest target market possible, while others establish smaller segments of the market they wish to aim their product at. So in this case Chysler, which just has 3 models of cars, is attempting to become more personable. In order to be successful at indiviualising their cars, I would think that the company must be able to collect information on the individual being marketed to.
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Six ways to stretch your marketing dollars

Six ways to stretch your marketing dollars | Integrated Marketing Communications 2013 SEM 1 |
How to make maximum impact with minimum budget.
Dong Wook Han's insight:

When a company does marketing strategy, budgeting is undoubtedly crucial as well as how they make the most of touting their brands and promotion with the given amount of budget. This article would be useful for those companies struggle with their tight budget. Out of the six ways to optimise marketing, using media was recommended twice (Social media and mainstream media). it is fair enough that these media are cost effective and easy way to approach potential customers/consumers as a platform. I think it is more important for the company to know where they stand and to how far they can spend on marketing realistically under the circumstances whether they have limited budget or face a loss in profit.    

Cindy Cao's comment, April 9, 2013 3:07 AM
I think that this article is a good indicator as to how the economy is and warn companies of their marketing plans and strategies. Companies with a tight budget needs to utilize the most of the social media that is available
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TV Host Buys Marketing Agency to Expand His Reach

TV Host Buys Marketing Agency to Expand His Reach | Integrated Marketing Communications 2013 SEM 1 |

New York TimesTV Host Buys Marketing Agency to Expand His ReachNew York TimesBy BRIAN STELTER. Published: December 5, 2012.

Via LPM Comunicação SA
Dong Wook Han's insight:

I'm sure everyone know who Ryan Seacreast is. The article proves that the role of marketing agency is crucial when expanding the brand and its contents and shows why he ended up buying the agency. This could be the way of expanding the brand of himself and networks. I think, as names of celebrities are also a means of marketing tools to communicate their fans or consumers, marketing agencies are reliable for celebrities to promote themselves to audiences.     

Cindy Cao's comment, March 21, 2013 11:14 PM
Like Dong Wook said, everyone knows who Ryan Seacreast is and it is most likely that we link the looks of him to popular talent show 'American Idol'. It is an ideal situation where his social status is recognised all around the world can be beneficial for his new acquisition. He acts as a positive celebrity endorser in media and is well liked by many which is able to link him to the products that he wants to market us.
Gillian Ye's comment, March 22, 2013 12:22 AM
Yeap we all know who he is thanks to American Idol! I think it is a great move for the marketing company because it states that people have aspired to link Hollywood together with excellent marketing services and that is definitely what has happened here. Ryan Seacrest is able to bring his expertise, knowledge and experience into his field of media and entertainment which can be an area developed and improved further in the marketing company.
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Marketing gets social

Marketing gets social | Integrated Marketing Communications 2013 SEM 1 |
The expansion of social networks as a marketing tool has been underscored in a new survey.
Dong Wook Han's insight:

It is no doubt that SNS (Social Network Service) plays a vital role in marketing nowadays. This article was published last year around this month. It says there was 11 percent increase in numbers of people using Facebook as their marketing tools by clicking like buttons on brands on facebook last year as against the previous year. 

I wonder, how long this trend lasts as a marketing tool in IMC and how much percentage will increase in terms of facebook users clicking like buttons on their favourite brands.  

Shiv Batta's comment, March 21, 2013 8:18 PM
New communication channel can significantly increase viewership and users activities. As an example, when Sporting News website integrated with Facebook the visits increased by over 500%.

You could say that every company should enter the world of social media and a simple website is no longer enough. Using social media can not only increase reliability and build the image, but also effectively increase revenues and increase the number of customers.
Cindy Cao's comment, March 21, 2013 11:23 PM
SNS like facebook is so popular. When you see someone you know liking something or having something on facebook. you would expect an honest unbias recommendation from your friend. this makes people seek for SNS as it is highly unlikely yo be bias.