Integrated marketing communications 2013
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Integrated marketing communications 2013
Covering an IMC overview along with concepts
Curated by M Donald
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Successful direct mail and email marketing for roofing contractors - RoofPal Marketing Podcast | Chris Walker explains that if your roofing company has experienced failure in direct mail or email marketing campaigns, it is likely...

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M Donald's insight:

I quite like this video it summarizes quickly on what businesses usually fail to achieve - an example is reaching customers that ignore your messages or advertisement. The video then talks about how to avoid things like this.
I think people should watch this, its only 3minutes yet the information is so vital ! 

Richard Ott's comment, May 10, 2013 1:03 AM
this was cool....nice to have a video tpo watch as well rather than simply reading an article...(in a way you have done direct marketing of your scoop it page....engaging me as your audience!!!) The video had some great points about how to improve direct mail advertising. I liked the suggestions of folding/unfloding the flyer or pamflet to encourage more interaction with the customers. Other factors such as size of the mail, and a professional layout are crucial factors to ensure the message is not missed! The phrase "stay top of mind to stimulate and create urgency" was cool and very relevant to the overall objectives of any direct marketing strategy. Great video!
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Direct Mail Marketing: Today? Really?

Direct Mail Marketing: Today? Really? | Integrated marketing communications 2013 |
Even online giant Google uses direct mail marketing in their marketing mix. How can you integrate direct mail into your business?

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M Donald's insight:

This is a very good article. I think everyone should read this Scoop It

Chelsea-Rae Dawson's curator insight, September 24, 2013 2:11 AM

As discussed in this weeks tutorial, many people and organizations themselves are so heavily focused on marketing through the net that direct mail marketing is often thought of as useless and unnecessary. However, this article explains the fact that even web giant Google has decided to jump on the direct mail marketing band wagon. As stated in the article, "The folks at Google are smart. They know that different people respond to different approaches at different times. And they also know that it’s a little harder to throw away a piece of physical mail than it is to delete an email." This statement is very true in the fact that not everyone in this day in age is up with the social media and technology aspect of things. Everyone has different methods and ways of communicating and for many mail and post is still the way they would prefer to communicate.

Alexandra Renall's comment, September 24, 2013 3:50 AM
I found it interesting that one of the most influential online companies in the world see direct mail marketing as useful. As the author stated, Google know that people respond to approaches very differently. We are all unique and have different preferences. Many people, especially the older generation, prefer mail as a communication tool.
Jordan Smith's comment, September 26, 2013 1:48 AM
I think that this article is interesting as I would have not thought an organisation such as Google would use what seems like an old school tool however it just further emphasises the point that different people respond to different tools. This technique may for example be relevant to people who are not tech savvy and use social media and a direct mail out be more practical for this audience segment. This can also be seen as a clever approach as with direct emailing it is much easier for consumers to delete the email where as one has to physically throw out a piece of email. I think this article is a good example of integration as Google is using a variety of marketing techniques,
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Coca-Cola Clarifies: Social Media Is "Crucial" & Drives In-Store Sales

Coca-Cola Clarifies: Social Media Is "Crucial" & Drives In-Store Sales | Integrated marketing communications 2013 |

A Coca-Cola executive threw cold water on social media buzz earlier this week when he told an advertising conference that the company doesn’t see a relationship between online buzz and the company’s short-term product sales. ... After the AdAge article created a lot of buzz this week (ironic, isn’t it?), Coke went out of its way today to emphasize that social media plays a “crucial role” in its online marketing, and has been driving in-store Coke sales. Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola’s Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing Communications and Capabilities, wrote a response to the conversation on the company website: None of our plans are simply social, or TV, or mobile or experiential. On the contrary, it’s the combination of owned, earned, shared and paid media connections – with social playing a crucial role at the heart of our activations – that creates marketplace impact, consumer engagement, brand love and brand value. Reach, engagement, love and value are the markers of success we use for our campaigns. We measure these in a variety of ways, often with our media partners. In beta testing with Facebook, we’ve been able to track closed-loop sales from site exposure to in-store purchase with very promising initial results that are above norms for what we see with other media....

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M Donald's insight:

An interesting article that has some valid points relating to Intergrated Marketing Communications.

Coke is simply stating that Social Media alone does not mend a relationship between the whole online buzz and the company’s short term product sales. Although after a lot of media attention Coco Cola turned back emphasizing that Social Media  instead is  crucial as it drives up sales for the in-store sales.

The company’s  Vice President of Integrated Marketing Communications, Wendy Clark,  informed public that the company’s plans are not what had been said which was simply social,  mobile or TV experiential however it is earned  and paid media connections.


There are some strong points that I do agree with from this article,  I do agree that Social Media Facebook and Twitter as examples do  have an enormous impact on Marketing ultimately will be noticeable in change in sales. 

Sisyliana Halim's curator insight, August 21, 2013 7:39 AM

 This article shows the importance of intergrating the social channel into the brand you are working for or trying to promote. Coke states that social is crucial espically in this day and age where social media plays a crucial role in its online marketing. The senior Vice president stated a very important thing which is " None of our plans are simply social, or TV, or mobile or experiential. On the contrary, it’s the combination of owned, earned, shared and paid media connections – with social playing a crucial role at the heart of our activations – that creates marketplace impact, consumer engagement, brand love and brand value."


Which is true because i think without intergrating other concepts into the way we market it would not be as effective as they would like. Using a platform such as Facebook, youtube and Twitter in the right way allows these intergration to be successful, if not i beleive that cokes marketing campaign would not be as effective as they would like. Again we have to start thinking about effectively using the different social media platforms we are given today and intergrate that to the differnet segments and target markets we are trying to aim for. 

Sean Peh's comment, August 22, 2013 11:25 AM
If it wasn't obvious enough, by now everyone should be able to agree that social media is one of the biggest things in the world and almost everyone uses social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. As was mentioned, even one of the biggest if not the biggest brand which is coke uses social media to promote and create awareness for its brand.
Thapthim (Thim) Phithak's curator insight, August 23, 2013 4:51 AM

This article evident that advertising their coca cola brand through social media is the most effective way. It talks about the importance of integrating the social channel, coca cola clearly state that social media is crucial, by advertising the brand through social media will make the brand become more recognise or sustain its recognitions world wide. I agree with the article since most social media are easy to access plus cheap, so why not use it as their advantage to be successful.

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Give your Direct Mail Campaign a Boost – 7 Tips to Make it Work for You

Give your Direct Mail Campaign a Boost – 7 Tips to Make it Work for You | Integrated marketing communications 2013 |
We talk a lot about email marketing and other forms of electronic marketing, because that’s our primary focus.

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M Donald's insight:

i love this article it talks about ‘traditional  marketing methods and how they are still viable,  even if people only have a purely online business. the article talks about how  they find success with non-internet-based marketing ideas which leads to mail marketing.  There are 6 tips that are covered here.

Tip 1: Know Your AudienceTip 2: Follow-upTip 3: Get InspirationTip 4: Track SuccessTip 5: Create Stand-out HeadlinesTip 6: Delegate


Chelsea-Rae Dawson's curator insight, September 24, 2013 2:27 AM

This article again, discusses the importance of not overlooking direct mail marketing as a way of enticing and engaging new customers. In today's modern world, many businesses are so caught up in the fact that the younger generation is on the web that they forget about the older demographic. I think that tip number 1 in this article is very relevant. They discuss how "The most important tip to remember for any kind of marketing idea is to know your audience. The message should be targeted specifically to your audience to have the best effect." This point emphasizes how important it is to know who you are aiming your marketing schemes at and how by not just sticking to one audience, your organization or company can benefit greatly.

MakanakaTuwe's comment, September 26, 2013 3:35 AM
This article speaks the truth in the sense that it informs the reader that although technology is great and marketing via the web is a cheaper and sometimes faster option, traditional marketing is also a good idea.
Alexandra Renall's comment, September 26, 2013 8:30 AM
I completely agree with the author when he states "Once you've decided to use direct mail as a marketing tool, you obviously want to make it as successful as possible." Sending physical mail is becoming more and more expensive, therefore a marketer must make sure the direct mail marketing strategy will generate a return on investment. The follow-up point is very important. Evidently, marketers should not bombard their target audience with mail, yet they must make sure the message has definitely been received.
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Digital Convergence: Integrated Marketing & Public Relations

PDXCC13 conference keynote in Portland, Oregon about the convergence of digital marketing and public relations - Integrated Marketing Communications. Presented

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M Donald's insight:

this is a very interesting piece of mind that people should read. In many ways does this relate well to IMC as it covers and talks about why all these different forms of marketing should be integrated to fully target and gain consumers awareness . I quite ike how this slide show goes into detail by using bullet point formating. .
this is probably one of the most interesting pieces of seen on Scoop It today...


Stefano Principato's curator insight, May 9, 2013 12:14 PM

Why PR should care about marketing.

malek's curator insight, May 9, 2013 9:14 PM

a highly trendy presentation

Richard Ott's comment, May 10, 2013 1:16 AM
THis is another good scoop....i like the different media options you are finding :). I pulled a few really neat quotes from this presentation...."if you want to ensure your brand is in the media, then become the media" and "create stories that evoke strong emotions, helping the brand to make a personal connection with the target consumers" and finally "having great content isnt great until it is found, consumed and shared".....overall a really great presentation with some really neat slides and graphics...well worth a look!