Program planning, objectives, budgets, measuring success
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IMCrazy: Establishing Objectives and Budgeting for the Promotional Program

IMCrazy: Establishing Objectives and Budgeting for the Promotional Program | Program planning, objectives, budgets, measuring success |

Via Janith Amaratunga
Ryan Otto's insight:

A good look at why establishing objectives is important and budgeting for promotional programs. Establishing objectives gives a reference point for the sucess of the operation in order to measure its scuess of failure against it. 

Budgeting helps shape the direction of the marketing efforts and keeps everything in check with the companies finances. High expenditure may not always be the best option of  a company on marketing if its return won't be met as proportionally as a lower amount spent will

Selina Nsw's comment, May 9, 2013 7:40 PM
Besides awareness, other factors like valuation and ability of the campaign to differentiate the brand name and other response components also comes with the package of advertising.
Janith Amaratunga's comment, May 10, 2013 12:01 AM
it is clear that good marketing and communications objectives along with a budget for it essential. However in today's context should companies have a budget to suit their objectives or vice versa?
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Power to the people. | Blog

Power to the people. | Blog | Program planning, objectives, budgets, measuring success |
Ryan Otto's insight:

Seems like with viral marketing theres 2 approaches, set something up that doesn't look like it was set up by the company, and set something up that looks like its been set up. What i really wonder about is how effective IMC is used in the one that looks set up and how any other forms of marketing are used

Rory Kelly's comment, March 20, 2013 9:58 PM
viral seems to happen when the content is less threatening to any social, economic, political or religious status quo. Sharing a goat that sounds like people video is the modern day for of olden days chit chat we engaged in. It's much like talking about the weather, sports, a TV show, a movie, a work of fiction, etc. I found that on a related comment and found it to be pretty spot on. Most of the 'viral' media is usually funny that is not so exclusive so a lot of different types of peoplke can view it and is in light humour and not too close too offend or disagree with other people. Would also be an interesting result too see which would be more effective of the two types of set up.
Georgia Kirkham's comment, March 21, 2013 3:48 PM
What I really get from this article is that viral video's are hard to contrive by anyone. A company cant just make a silly funny video and assume it will go viral. I feel like its the luck of the draw and I wonder if it would be less likely for a video that is associated with a comapny or organization to go viral. I see many viral videos out there to be halerious because theya re real people doing stupid stuff (most of the time) and if a company put out a video like that I feel it could be a bit contrived. So I reckon companies need to set something up to look like it hasn't been set up by them.
Ryan Otto's comment, May 11, 2013 9:29 PM
agreed, the more natural the better the viral effect will be
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15 Social Media Marketing Frustrations And Challenges: What Are Yours? | Jeffbullas's Blog

15 Social Media Marketing Frustrations And Challenges: What Are Yours? | Jeffbullas's Blog | Program planning, objectives, budgets, measuring success |

Social media marketing has emerged as a powerful new tool in recent years that continues to be integrated into companies marketing communications plans.

As social media marketing is relatively new there is still a lot of learning and trial and error by companies, agencies, marketing professionals and consultants as they come to grips with how to best use the major platforms like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.


So it is apparent that there is still a lot of learning ocurring with its associated successes and failures as social media marketing continues to evolve.


What’s the biggest challenge or frustration you are having with social media marketing “Right Now ?


Here are 15 that I have recently heard.

Turning followers into customersHow to make money using social media marketingGetting followers or friends on Twitter or FacebookGetting subscribers to your blogGetting traffic to your website, blog or Facebook pageCreating good quality online videosHow to create the best type of Facebook page or set up a blogChoosing the right social media channels to useHow best to use and optimize the social media platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTubeHow to use social media marketing to get great PR for my companyCreating postive noise and Buzz about your brand on social mediaManaging your time and productivityCreating contentFinding high quality social media marketing training and resourcesComing up with creative ideas for your social media marketing campaigns



Via Ivo Nový
Ryan Otto's insight:

Those 15 challenges were actually quiet difficult when i thought about how to answer them. There may be plenty of crash corses in general marketing but social and online marketing being such a big part in todays marketing roll has surprisingly (to my knowledge) no real class dedicated to it.


The relevance of social media marketing to integrated marketing communications is obviously huge in todays age and without it a company may find itself severly missing out on potential traffic or profits.


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