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Rescooped by Hyungjin Shin from Adoption of Mobile Technology by Using Big Social Data in SME Retailers!

How Singapore's Social Influencers are changing digital marketing strategies

How Singapore's Social Influencers are changing digital marketing strategies | Integrated Marketing Communication |
How Singapore's Social Influencers are changing digital marketing strategies (How Singapore's Social Influencers are changing digital marketing strategies via @sharethis #socialmedia...

Via Abd Torah
Hyungjin Shin's insight:

Nowadays, more and more people are using internet as not only to obtain product information; but also use to gain other people’s opinions based on experiences and perceptions toward the brand. There are many sites or services such as blogs and websites people can get abundant information but among these, SNS is the most popular these days. Consumers share about their brand experiences and exchange product information with other users of SNS.  According to the article, 74 percent rely on social networks in Singapore especially Facebook. Thus, companies in Singapore should not overlook the power of social influencers. Marketers are also not only contributing to marketing content to persuade consumers but also monitor influencers’ behaviour. Because there is a chance that influencers can disseminate wrong information as they just do not like the brand. In order to prevent any unwanted situations, companies should consider using SNS for the product development process.

Abd Torah's curator insight, April 7, 2014 3:14 AM

How Singapore's Social Influencers are changing digital marketing strategies

Rescooped by Hyungjin Shin from Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)!

Always 4Ever Alone - Creative advertising:

Always 4Ever Alone - Creative advertising: | Integrated Marketing Communication |
Creative advertising: “ ” (Creative advertising:

Via Ivo L Lima, Ivy Ng
Hyungjin Shin's insight:

When the communication target has finalized, the person in charge of this communication has to make a core message effectively. Effective message is significant as it makes people to concentrate from evoke intriguing and can lead consumers to buying behavior. Thus, it is important to create a message that can stamp on people’s memory.

In this picture, we can know that Dove is trying to communicate benefits of Dove shampoo by using famous cartoon character.

In other words, I can say Remote Association Thinking (RAM) has well applied. Because, people’s attention or response can be elicited from eye-catching cartoon character; and most importantly, target audience can easily find match or association between Dove shampoo and the character.

Ivy Ng's curator insight, April 14, 2014 10:19 PM

Creativity in Advertising, takes any medium used for advertising and having an original idea but seeing it an a different way and angle to come up with a unique and effective advertising.

Kavish Lal's curator insight, May 14, 2014 11:52 PM

Creativity in advertising involves transforming strategic thinking into ideas that are able to communicate messages to the target consumer market effectively, as shown on the various print material, creativity can be used as a solution to a communication problem. For example, the Simpsons character Marge, is known
to have frizzy hair. In some episodes she is shown to try to transform her hair into a much more appealing look. In relation to creative advertising, Dove shampoo has used Marge Simpson character so others find the same issue with unruly hair relevant and meaningful to their own lives. It also creates differentiation by linking two well known brands "The Simpsons"and Dove, thereby stimulating consumer attitudes and feelings towards the product.

Rescooped by Hyungjin Shin from Healthcare Social Media News!

Increase Patients with Digital “Word of Mouth”

Increase Patients with Digital “Word of Mouth” | Integrated Marketing Communication |
Is “Word of Mouth” Important?
How many times have you heard someone say &...

Via Dean Berg
Hyungjin Shin's insight:

As this article says, word of mouth (WOM) can occur anywhere. Before the digital world came to us, there only occurred verbal WOM for example face to face. Digital world allows consumers to talk through various mediums such as Skype and SNS. I am sure that this kind of digital word of mouth has much stronger power than verbal WOM. The reason is that it can create synergy effect. I also think that most people are affected by community of people and sometimes follow them even they think it is different to their intention. This can be explained by the term of mob psychology. SNS has used this term well enough and more and more people have been influencing by this effect since the digital world advent.

In addition, people now can easy to obtain information not only by the SNS but also other persons’ blogs and many various internet sites. This also saves costs and times of searching. There are many people commenting and recommending for example grading a particular product or service they experienced. If hospital marketers understand the power of SNS word of mouth and effectively use the IMC then I truly believe there will be increasing of patients like the title of article.  

Dean Berg's curator insight, January 16, 2014 6:03 PM

Digital "Word of Mouth" is Word of Mouth on steroids. Word of Mouth marketing has not changed in healthcare, it has just been accelerated (exponentially) with digital and social media.

Rescooped by Hyungjin Shin from Advertising!

How Advertising is an Appropriate Marketing Strategy for every Brand?

How Advertising is an Appropriate Marketing Strategy for every Brand? | Integrated Marketing Communication |
There are various tools of marketing used by a brand or product owner. Amongst the various tools of marketing, advertising is an important as well as essential tool to bring a boost in the brand...

Via Tdi India
Hyungjin Shin's insight:

It is significant to use the right channel for the chosen target audience.

Even if there are lots of advertising, company can fail to attract potential customers.

There has to be thorough research before implementing any forms of advertising tools.

If all these consider at the beginning stage, there would  occur unique impression and competitive advantage among competitors as the article says.

Richard Crosby's curator insight, April 23, 2014 8:00 PM

I decided to scoop this article just on the pure down to basics relevance and importance it has to IMC from an advertising stand point.


It points out they way advertising connects to consumers and the way the message can be delivered and received through a advert. This is the essential point to an advert and many advertisements create different and new ways to communicate that message. Whether its to promote a product or increase brand awareness, there is numerous ways to advertise this.


The other point they made which is of high relevance to an IMC plan is that advertising can boost a brands business. Obviously the most common effect is product sales, which therefore directly affect the business.


So these are just two ways that advertising can be an effective tool for an IMC plan, especially for a business as they can greatly affect that businesses profits and awareness. 

Owen's curator insight, May 15, 2014 12:31 PM

advertising is the common way to release a brand

Rescooped by Hyungjin Shin from Consumer behavior!

Does Your Marketing Have a High Emotional IQ?

Does Your Marketing Have a High Emotional IQ? | Integrated Marketing Communication |
Emotions have a powerful influence on decision-making and behavior. When you leverage the power emotion, you can create more engaging content and connect with your audience in a real way.

Via Francisco Teixeira
Hyungjin Shin's insight:

Since the digital appeared, the importance of content marketing has become more and more noticeable. In order to succeed with content marketing, emotional factors and colours should be considered like this author said. In other words, for example, if actors’ performing was not natural or colours are used wrongly, then it is difficult to appeal to customers even the story was well-written. Thus, I would like to share my ideas about content (story-telling) marketing to supplement author’s statement. If you look at the scarecrow (, the brand name of ‘Chipotle’ only appears in the last scene of the video. This can mean if those Viewers or potential customers felt positively after they watch it, then it is more likely to link and sustain their feelings to positive experience of that company’s brand. In addition, content marketing improves its image by showing the respectfulness and meaningful. For this reason, I think it is different to general repeated marketing because content marketing can make positive brand image. I think that is why many globalized company also invest a lot of money on this kind of content production. In summary, in this article, the author is explaining how important it is to consider emotional impacts and maximizing its effectiveness in order to make content more affluent. The author also mentioned five most commonly used emotional marketing and they are fear, guilt, pride, greed and love. Other than this, he tells us how colours are used as well, but did not provide any examples. So, I want to share some of examples I can think of:

For example, Red – it makes people feel in emergency situation other than excitement. This is why used for ‘SALE’ tag. Blue – bank of America, ANZ, BNZ (Many Banks use this coluor because blue = truthfulness). Marketers should refer to the information of people are influenced by colours and emotional factors.

Therefore, they should more concentrate on emotions not logical or rational explanation and they can only present most effectively through content marketing.

Ilina Dimitrova's curator insight, March 9, 2014 8:49 PM

Good read for #marketers #growthhackers.