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How Public Relations Can Help Your Small Business Grow

How Public Relations Can Help Your Small Business Grow | IMC |

When small business owners create a business plan they often include advertising but neglect to include public relations, one of the most cost-effective methods for small businesses to raise awareness. Here are some reasons why you should consider making public relations a cornerstone of your company’s growth strategy:
- When we see an advertisement, we know the company is trying to sell us something. When a third party, such as the media, endorses a product or service, the company gains credibility. Consumers are much more likely to make a purchase based on third party endorsement than an advertisement.
- This visibility also tends to make your business appear larger and more established than it may be, which may help you secure partnerships, customers and funding.
- One good media placement can lead to a substantial increase in sales and tremendous growth, and because many small businesses have a unique story to tell, they are interesting to the media.

Via Ashok Ramachandran
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another article that reflects on public relations and and how it can help a business grow by different means.

Ashok Ramachandran's curator insight, March 16, 2013 7:06 PM

Look for public relations opportunities to get the message out about your small business.

Tiffany's curator insight, September 28, 2014 3:48 AM

This is an very straight article to explain how the public relations is important to business. advertising is the first thing we promote, and public relations are becoming another important key area.

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Direct marketing tips: how to send a successful direct mail

Spending time on the basic building blocks of a direct mail campaign is crucial to success, especially when it is going to run across borders. Digital techno...
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good video that shows how to create a successful direct mail to ensure direct marketing is well functioning in the company.

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Top 5 Reasons Social Media Empowers Health Care Providers

Top 5 Reasons Social Media Empowers Health Care Providers | IMC |

Patients are increasingly relying on connected health devices for news and to remain in touch with their physicians. Public health organizations are also moving into the social media space to build their brands and deliver vital health information to their patients.

“The connected health markets are experiencing tremendous growth both in end-user connected devices and on the institutional side,” said Harry Wang, director of Health & Mobile Product Research.

As the connection between healthcare and social media continues to tighten, here are five reasons healthcare professionals should use social media to remain successful.

1. More young adults trust medical information shared via social media.

According to a recent survey by PwC Health Research Institute, 90 percent of participants from 18 to 24 years old said they would trust medical information shared by others in their social media networks. The same age demographic was also found to be the most apt to share their own personal medical information online, with 80 percent saying they would.

This falls in line with the beliefs of tech giants such as Apple, who recently released their Apple Watch in hopes that it will improve the exchange of medical information between patient and doctor.

2. Social media can expand your professional network.  

Allied healthcare professionals are using social media to connect with others and enhance their job search. By using tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, healthcare professionals can expand their network and connect with experts in their fields.

3. Instant feedback can benefit both patients and health organizations.

Patients are more actively taking to social media to express their opinions, grievances and experiences. According to PxC, they also expect faster response times. Roughly half of the participants polled by the organization stated they expect to hear from their doctor when requesting an appointment or follow-up via social media within a few hours.

4. Selection of treatment and providers is influenced by social media.

Just like social media is heavily relied upon for reviews of the latest films and the best restaurants in town, healthcare-related decisions are also entering the mix. Choosing which physician to see and when to seek a second opinion are two examples of ways patients are using social media to influence their decision. Healthcare professionals need to have a strong presence in the social media space to have their name and reputation be aware to the public.  

5. Providers can use social media as an outcomes-based measurement.

Social media gives healthcare providers the opportunity to coordinate care. Additionally, social media allows providers to build initial trust with a potential patient through its online presence. A patient’s first encounter with a hospital or physician is often online and so providers should take this opportunity to build a strong presence and separate themselves from their competition.


Via Plus91
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5 ways that social media affects health care industry are well explained in the article.

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Why Social Media Is Not A Distraction For Entrepreneurs - Forbes

Why Social Media Is Not A Distraction For Entrepreneurs - Forbes | IMC |

Why Social Media Is Not A Distraction For Entrepreneurs Forbes While people debate whether or not social media is a distraction or causes depression, many top relationship builders are using it everyday in ways you haven't thought of.

Via Poovan Devasagayam
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evolution of social media from a distraction to an essential part of businesses.

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Why the Future of Digital Marketing Is Pure PR

Why the Future of Digital Marketing Is Pure PR | IMC |

Public Relations - Savvy digital marketers who use the methodologies of public relations in a sustained and strategic manner across the board can reap a potential world of benefits.


However, I'm of the opinion that although SEO is here to stay, its evolution will lean toward the more traditional practice of public relations (PR) in the coming years. In this article I'll try to…

- Back up this claim by looking at industry statistics

- Put forward a case as to why PR can be highly complementary to SEO

- And, above all, offer some suggestions about how marketers can capitalize on this trend...

Via Jeff Domansky
amalgeorge's insight:

good article that explains why personal relations can be called as the future of digital marketing and highlights some facts that proves it in the market.

yundy wang's curator insight, September 20, 2014 6:58 PM

here are many definitions in PR, in my words, PR is the management process relative with all publics no matter external or internal, therefore, it is effect the relationships with firms by how this groups judge it. many firms wish enhance their reputations and business images that they pay much attention on manage PR. there are many advantages on PR, first, it can help companies save million dollars by free exposure via large amount of publics.second, it is credibility, the positive report on products by some one else would be more reliable because this person is self-serving and no pays. the advantages are not limited by this, to summarize,  PR has important positions in Morden marketplace, it is common that customer always want to compare the goods and get the objective suggestions by others experience.

Muriel GILBERT's curator insight, October 24, 2014 4:31 AM

Pr is always a MUST...


Johncy Matheson's curator insight, October 28, 2014 7:25 PM

In the Why Pr? Paragraph there is a very interesting depiction ebtween the difference of Pr, Advertising, and marketing.

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Best Practices in Positioning: Tell Your Story, Your Way

1. Introduction: Success Rooted in Storytelling In recent years, many companies responded to the challenging economy by approaching competition from a financial... (Share your brand story!
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the article describes some of the traditional and modern practices in positioning strategies used by companies in the different industries.

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Write a customer-centric brand positioning statement | Gorilla 76

Write a customer-centric brand positioning statement | Gorilla 76 | IMC |
An effective brand positioning statement focuses on your customers' needs — not on your shiny tool set or process. This article teaches you how to get it right.
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the article provide tips on how to write a brand positioning statement that could lead to brand recognition and loyalty. 

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For Sodium Brand Solutions, Innovation is the Secret -

For Sodium Brand Solutions, Innovation is the Secret - | IMC |
For Sodium Brand Solutions, Innovation is the Secret
A similar scenario seems to be currently playing out in the Nigerian marketing Communications industry, where a clear gap is emerging between the old agencies and the new ones.
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the article reflects on the effects of innovation that can boost your business.

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