I saw that Jo had a picture from this movie in his slides and I happened to see it on the plane from Sweden to Canada so I thought that I would share some thoughts about it. I believe the movie gives some great insights to what we discussed in class about how marketing is changing over time as well as the discussion about marketing and proliferation of lifestyle.


The movie is about the Joneses which is a family that a company have created for a marketing purpose, they are basically a new marketing tool. The Joneses acts and looks like the perfect family and this is what the company believe is going to create a demand for the items they use in their everyday life.


The movie shows how a company takes our desire of status and fitting in in their marketing communication mix. The Joneses are essentially salesmen but incorporated in the everyday life which constantly presents the potential customers in the area to the benefits of the products that the company is selling. The Joneses becomes the associative referent group which creates a demand for the products the Joneses is using among their neighbors.


The movie also somewhat touches on the big brother dilemma. The company the Joneses are working for have all the statistics of the sales and can from that develop their marketing strategies and provide the family with information about how to proceed in their selling tactics. It also shows the fact we talked about in class, how we as customers tend to be more suspicious against marketing in the way that the Joneses constantly need to be in character and be attentive not to give away the fact that their actually salesmen for this company since that would ruin the Joneses as a marketing tool.


The company uses a fictive family as a marketing tool which is “up to date” in today’s marketing environment that especially has developed in the way it plays on emotion and lifestyle images. The company is taking the marketing campaigns into everyday life in the most extreme way.


Malin Björk Runsvik, 10083085, Comm335-001, Movie, Proliferation of lifestyle, Marketing evolving

Via Joachim Scholz, PhD