How to find and use the data points that matter most | integrated marketing communication |

Effective measurement and analysis drive advertising revenue, enhance SEO, shape the social conversation, and improve a brand's reputation in the market. Here's how to get on the right track.


Today's digital media landscape is fragmented and diverse. Consumers expect on-demand access to rich (and continually updated) media content on a growing array of internet-connected devices. According to a recent study from Google, each day consumers spend 4.4 hours of leisure time in front of smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, and TV screens. Considering that only 43 minutes of that time (on average) is spent in front of our old friend the television, media companies are under pressure to publish content to the web at an explosive rate. With the growing number of online touch points, the media landscape has undergone a radical change. The massive amount -- and increasing complexity -- of data that must be analyzed presents media companies with an enormous challenge.


Effective measurement and analysis are the keys to making money in the media industry. They drive advertising and subscription revenue, enhance SEO, feed recommendation engines, shape the social conversation, and impact a brand's reputation in the market. Effective data management can make or break a company's online fortunes. Yet, managing this challenge has never been harder.


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