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Rescooped by Leilani Verona Steffany from Persuasion and influence!

3 Greatest TED Talks To Persuade Social Influence Consulting Group

3 Greatest TED Talks To Persuade Social Influence Consulting Group | Integrated Marketing communication |

ThiI often get asked what are the greatest TED talks you can watch to become more persuasive. These are 3 Greatest TED talks from my perspective.

Via Vinh LY
Leilani Verona Steffany's insight:

Loved these three Ted Talks presentations! However I wanted to emphasis on Simon Sinek presentation about  the 'Goldan Circle' In which explains that the most successful organizations, icons etc etc... gain consumer loyalty and involvement by marketing and communication WHY they do what they do such as their beliefs, core values and reasons of existence, HOW they do it, and WHAT it is they offer. Which is a great strategy, and one in which makes perfect sense! (Like whyyyy would you do something you don't believe in?!?) Both Simon and Seth Godin's presentation correlate in regards to 'talking' and 'communicating' marketing messages to innovators and early adopters, in which represents roughly 15% of the population. These consumers are  more willing to try new products and listen to new ideas in which they share and spread to others when they believe in the cause or find the idea, product or service remarkable.


Simon Sinek gave an example in his speech at the end about Martin Luther Kings famous speech which involved very limited advertisement or invitational gestures in order for people to gain awareness about the whereabouts, time and the date of his speech, however on the day roughly 250,000 people who chose to be there for themselves, turned up from all parts of the and why? Because Mr King believed in what he did, and preached and preached and preached about his beliefs, why he does what he does and people listened and believed  in the cause themselves, hence spreading the cause as believers, which would then spread from one to another. I thought this was a good example of how effective persuasion, and semi personal selling can effect high involvement decisions. 

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Scooped by Leilani Verona Steffany!

9 Signs Of A Healthy Brand - Customer Relationship

9 Signs Of A Healthy Brand - Customer Relationship | Integrated Marketing communication |

It’s amazing who we forget and how quickly. I don’t remember any of the people on the bus last week. Who did I ride home with last Thursday? My mind goes blank. It’s nothing personal – it’s simply that I have no reason to remember them. Or they me.


Exactly the same for most transactions that take place between people and brands. People get what they’re looking for, and then they go.


If you ask the people responsible for running brands what customers they want, they’ll often say “as many as possible” or “people who spend a lot” or this age group or that ethnic group – but that’s not what they really want at all. Because, when probed, they have no idea who they want as customers. They’ll take anyone whose buying. They just want the money.

Leilani Verona Steffany's insight:

Without brands you wouldn't be able to sell your products and services. Without brand communication people wouldn't  know about what your brand has to offer in value, benefits and attributes etc. However in this day and age we are constantly being bombarded by advertisements every where we turn. Therefore people tend to avoid ads at all cost (Zipping, Zapping, clocking etc). This article explains the importance of brand and consumer relationships and how you can measure/ predict a healthy consumer and brand relationship by making sure it incorporates the 9 signs below


1. Consistency 

2. Integrity 

3. Openness 

4. Humor 

5. Delight 

6. Confidence 

7. Time 

8. Endorsement

9. Value


I think these 9 steps are all relevant and important in regards to building, and maintaing a healthy brand and consumer relationships, and that these  principles can be accomplished through a marcoms program, with the help of different communication deciplines to help fulfill aspects of the list! #KeepconsumerswithIMC

Joachim Scholz, PhD's curator insight, January 25, 2014 2:06 PM

Many of these 9 signs can be readily seen violated in current brand crises, which offers an interesting angle on the phenomenon of brand relationship - or on how easy it is to tarnish it.


For example, take "3. Openness – facts and opinions are shared" and relate it to BPs deepwater leak a few years ago or the recent Liberty Industry leak in West Virginia. Or "6. Confidence – people believe in themselves and each other", which is lost when a Lululemon CEO violates to what a brand stands for.


From this perspective, these 9 items on the list are more than signs. They are more like check marks brand managers have to meet in order to build long-lasting brand relationships. 

Scooped by Leilani Verona Steffany!

The new consumer behaviour - Business Reporter

The new consumer behaviour - Business Reporter | Integrated Marketing communication |
Business Reporter
The new consumer behaviour
Business Reporter
Changing consumer behavior means merchants are faced by major challenges. It's not enough to focus only on bricks-and-mortar business.
Leilani Verona Steffany's insight:

With consumer behavior insight research results from studies such as this, its no wonder Integrated marketing communication is a must, and is a vital part of marketing strategy 'now' and indefinite for future businesses. Using BOTH tradition and non-tradional marketing channels to communicate messages to consumers. The video also shows the top product launches of the decade, top 7 were all technology based products. Top 5 were the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, windows vista and windows 7- All linked to new digital technology, which leads to new forms of communicating/ and connecting online.

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Rescooped by Leilani Verona Steffany from IMC!

Yes, Facebook Ads Can Be More Effective Than TV.

Every euro spent on Facebook returned 2.74 euros in additional Coke sales. That was 3.6 times better than the ROI attributed to TV ads.


Via Nicole Smith
Leilani Verona Steffany's insight:

I found this article very interesting -  about Coke's campaign ad that used Facebook to display ads linked to videos over three days, which were used to reintroduce cokes famous polar bears.  TV ads were used as well, however the results from coke using facebook were more effective, and only cost 2% of the campaign total cost. We all know TV days are not over (just yet), and TV ads are still effective, but this significant result is showing us that social media sites can very well benefit businesses, small and BIG, and in cases such as this, more so than major mediums such as TV. 


I've always thought that Facebook had a lot of potential in terms of advertising and it's capabilities, as it is a great way of brand & product communication. What I like about it is unlike TV, consumers choose to take notice of advertisements, such as opening links to video advertisements etc, hence the message is taken in more effectively and willingly. Unlike TV ads were advertisement can seem like a disturbance embedded in between a program you were enjoying before the ad break. I agree with the article, Facebook is definitely an effective sales channel but it can only work with 'unique and creative content' and 'excellent execution.' Otherwise it just becomes apart of the blur. 


Nicole Smith's curator insight, March 11, 2014 7:47 PM

I think the content of this article, regarding how Facebook ads were more successful than Television ads for Coke's campaign to reintroduce polar bears in the first quarter of 2013, shows how the marketing and advertising industry has changed over the last couple of years. While Television is obviously still a popular medium that companies choose to run their marketing campaigns on, it is interesting (and not surprising) to see that advertising on Facebook can be just as successful (if not more successful in this case). I think it's quite exciting to be a part of the changing society, where in a couple of years television advertising could become obsolete because of other new, exciting mediums that are being invented right now.

NayanVallabh's curator insight, May 12, 2014 8:23 PM

While reading this article i found out that Coke's ad campaign about the polar bears on Facebook interesting. Coke used Facebook to show ads which were linked to videos over a 3 day period which re-introduced the polar bears. The ads were used on TV also, but the results showed that using Facebook was far more effective than using TV, and it was also cheaper to use than a TV ad. TV ads are still effective as they are the most watched form of media channel, but this shows that social media channels are starting to become the next big thing in terms of advertising, and is companies are able to utilise social media sites correctly than their business will benefit as well. Facebook is an excellent form of advertising as consumers are able to share the ads with their friends which will give the company more exposure.


Shichi Zhong's curator insight, May 13, 2014 3:38 AM

Communication is quiet important by breaking barriers and bridging the gap between rich and poor. Even though the article did not talk the rich and poor, it give me the idea of communications in the IMC can influence the outcome. Facebook is now the biggest social media website in the world and it has many users in different age groups. TV, as a traditional media channel has been reduced its functions and lost some audiences by competing with social media. Therefore, Facebook now is not just a social media channel but more like a communication center, where every person could deliver their messages to the whole world and every one could comment on the message, It is very helpful for companies and the government to deliver the messages (especially some serious issues) to obtain the feedback from the people. Many politician are using Facebook such as Obama, John Key and other leaders. This is a good sign for social media channel to play a more important role to influence the world.

Rescooped by Leilani Verona Steffany from Business Improvement!

Tips for Building a Powerful Brand Identity for your Small Business

Tips for Building a Powerful Brand Identity for your Small Business | Integrated Marketing communication |

Via Daniel Watson
Leilani Verona Steffany's insight:

I feel like this article is very much IMC related. Building strong brand identity by knowing what your brand stands for, who your target market is, using social media platforms as your brands voice, allowing you to get involved and engaged with your consumers, as well as provide compelling communications to emotionally connect/ motivate your customers,  but also making sure that all your marketing communications and consumer touch points are consistent and compliment each other. And Lastly deliver your promise so your consumers come back! I think yes, this sounds like a recipe of IMC???

Rita's comment, August 26, 2013 4:26 PM
You each make excellent points. One source I read said that brand is confidence in a set of values. It is something your clients can grow to trust. It is the knowledge that your product is of highest value. How many branded items do you stock on the shelves of your pantry? Though slightly more in cost, many of people choose to go with a branded product because they know in advance what they'll be getting.
Ellie Bigsby's curator insight, August 11, 2014 12:04 AM

This article gives six tips to creating a noteworthy brand identity. It is important to do so as it differentiates your product and encourages consumer perception and value to increase. One of the tips that April Neill gives is to be consistent with your messages. Which is an integral part of integrated marketing communications. All of her tips are simple and effective to creating and brand identity. 

Rebecca Lynch's curator insight, November 5, 2014 5:22 PM

Branding is not just for big corporations with a higher marketing budget. April Neill has great insight here into what branding is and how it can be applied to a small business. She highlights differentiation and consistency in voice and presence across social media, website and actual business. Her tips remain true for big businesses as well, and this shows how essential branding is and how it makes any type of business more personable.

Scooped by Leilani Verona Steffany!

The secret to viral video marketing - The Guardian

The secret to viral video marketing - The Guardian | Integrated Marketing communication |
The Guardian
The secret to viral video marketing
The Guardian
The secret to viral video marketing. The top 10 viral marketing videos of 2013 have been announced, but what does it take for a campaign to go viral?
Leilani Verona Steffany's insight:

Its interesting that most viral videos from well known big brands stem from videos that tell a stimulating story which touches the audience on an emotional  level but also rely on significant investments behind them, which includes solid media planning, distribution, PR strategy and a large media spend, all to ensure enough people are viewing their campaign content and sharing them with their friends/followers on social network sites.


However for smaller brands who want to produce a viral campaign but don't have the funds to help kick start them, are not able to focus on JUST the creative material that will magically go viral because the message is strong, compelling, relevant and well put together, as the chances of that are very slim.Instead they should focus on timely story-telling that can reach as many people as possible via different forms of communication channels, especially those that their target audience are using more so than others, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc, . Also they can use other cheap forms of microcontent (breaking down the campaign content into smaller parts)  to compliment the campaign by using videos, pictures, polls etc.. to spread the same message in other forms and help gain volume in awareness.


'Microcontent' was an interesting concept to read about & the article explains more in-depth of its three forms.


The article ties up that viral campaigns are based on being timely, relevant and compelling and I 100% agree with that!! Especially on creative material being compelling. Hardly anyone shares advertisements, but many share stories. 







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Rescooped by Leilani Verona Steffany from Tourism Social Media!

10 Facts about Consumer Behavior on Twitter - Social Media Quickstarter

New research from Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey explore consumer behavior on Twitter and what it means for brands.

Via Wendy Forbes
Leilani Verona Steffany's insight:

This study really shows us that twitter is a great social network site that can be used to help businesses and their brands increase in brand/product awareness by word of mouth - Via twitter! (by following, retweeting, mentioning, favoring brand twitter profiles) A very effective unpaid form of promotion,  spread by satisfied customers. Also the study shows that 84% of people who follow brands on twitter actually read their posts- telling us it is definitely an effective way of communicating messages.

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Rescooped by Leilani Verona Steffany from IMC!

What the hell is IMC? #Advertorial - Gold & Fabulous

What the hell is IMC? #Advertorial - Gold & Fabulous | Integrated Marketing communication |
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is a process that consists of: planning, creation, integration of all forms of communications (advertising, public relations, direct mailing, and personal selling) with one voice all the time, every time.

Via Poovan Devasagayam, Anna-Gabriella
Leilani Verona Steffany's insight:

The gist of Integrated marketing communication- The use of many Integrated forms of communication,  all using the same voice, all the time and every time. This builds a relationship between the business and the consumer, using a familiar voice consumers become accustomed to over time, therefore getting involved with it, which makes it easier for marketers to communicate messages. A business is nothing without its consumers. Therefore IMC really focuses on keeping consumers connected, updated and involved. Giving them more value in a companies product and the brand. In the long run IMC increases brand equity.

Poovan Devasagayam's curator insight, May 21, 2013 10:57 AM

Is Social Media part of IMC? 

Anna-Gabriella's curator insight, March 10, 2014 9:47 PM

This article has finally solidified my understanding of IMC.

It is a complex planning process which identifies each step of a marketing management plan to guide the marketing in a successful and prompt manner.

As consumers we are overloaded by the messages and advertisements of brands, products and businesses that surround us in everyday life. Individuals only remember messages that personally interest us which makes it difficult for other businesses to broaden their audiences.

There are many benefits of using Integrated marketing Communications, it helps businesses identify and form a marketing concept based around their target audiences through different media and advertising ventures. Also, it bases its methods around the consumer, builds long-term relationships with consumers through the use of 'relationship words'. To ensure a business lives up to its full advertising potential IMC must also incorporate the marketing mix's 4 P's, Product, Promotion, Price & Place.

IMC helps to increase and enhance brand equity with the end result to create a strong and loyal relationship between the business and consumers.


Tyla McKenzie's curator insight, October 1, 2014 10:17 PM

This article explains that IMC is quite a complex planning process. Consumers constantly have so much information thrown at them that they tend to only react to the messages that personally interest them. The benefits of using IMC is that it helps businesses to identify a marketing concept based around the target audiences. It also ensures that the same message is being presented across all platforms of a business ensuring they have the best representation of the brand at all times.