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IMC to Synchronized Marketing: A Pivotal Paradigm Shift in Marketing - Business 2 Community

IMC to Synchronized Marketing: A Pivotal Paradigm Shift in Marketing - Business 2 Community | integrated marketing communication |
As a marketer, I’m always looking for new ways and ideas to enhance my marketing efforts. For...

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synchronized marketing takes your marketing efforts to the next level while keeping the focus on your audience

yundy wang's curator insight, August 1, 2014 6:40 AM

IMC defined as delivery the brand messages cross the marketing channels with different promotion method that required reinforcing each other. IMC focus on use mass media assure all the details of brand contacts can be received by target customers and business partner. In consequence, IMC is kind of communication process established by marketer on the basis of customer orientation. Now on, people would like to beyond the IMC itself and want to ensure the brand voices and messages are clear and consistent. Synchronized marketing can bring the clear overall brand messages to all audience simultaneously. Therefore SMC can ensure every channel stage is working on well with others. Personally, I feel like CRM is evolution of IMC, which is driven by expanding scales of current markets in all over the world.

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Top trends for 2014 in healthcare marketing.

Top trends for 2014 in healthcare marketing. | integrated marketing communication |

Digital strategies, social media, integrated marketing and brand journalism

To attract and engage healthcare consumers in 2014, marketers will be challenged to adapt their messaging for delivery through digital media channels. In Part 2 of our article on top marketing trends for the new year, we’ll look at changing digital strategies, integrated marketing initiatives, social media developments and brand journalism for hospitals and physician practices.

Integrating Traditional & Digital Media: Offline In Support of Online MarketingEmbracing Digital Change: Investing in Digital Media TechnologiesDesigning for Mobile Consumers: Embracing Responsive Design & Mobile AppsRevitalizing Social Media: Exploring New Platforms and User-Generated ContentImages & Video Gain in Social Channels: Short, Shareable Content on the RiseStorytelling with Brand Journalism: Corporate Media Trumps the Press ReleaseRewarding Content Creators: Author Bylines Boost Google Search Rankings


Integrating traditional and digital media

Offline efforts in support of online marketing
2014 promises to be the year that online and digital marketing take center stage in an integrated healthcare marketing plan. In “The Digital Journey to Wellness: Hospital Selection,” a research study on Google Think, it was reported that 84% of patients use both online and offline sources for research, compared to 32% of patients who use TV for research. And although the effectiveness of traditional media continues to decline, there is still an important place for offline marketing channels to support online efforts.

The high cost of mass media real estate means that in most formats, there simply isn’t time or space to deliver deep, informative content that consumers want. However, offline advertising can be highly effective in building traffic and audiences for your online inbound marketing content. By using short URLs, or links to campaign landing pages, healthcare marketers can use mass media channels to drive consumers to websites or social channels.


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Integrating traditional and digital media offline in support of online markets is effective as 84 % of patients both online and offline sources for research


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Digital Marketing Kills Traditional Marketing: Mobile and Social Media Are Hot Marketing Strategies This Year !! [Study]

Digital Marketing Kills Traditional Marketing: Mobile and Social Media Are Hot Marketing Strategies This Year !! [Study] | integrated marketing communication |
As marketers increase use in digital technologies, traditional media undergoes a huge suffering. Traditional mass media once offered marketers the most advantages to reach their audiences in a wider scale, but now the situations now have basically...
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the advancement of digital tech and social media has proven to be more effective then traditional media marketing, making it the new trend for marketers! 


Perry Xing's comment, March 12, 2013 11:27 PM
The article illustrate that traditional media suffers due to the benefits of social media. And spruce to social media is fast growing, it would be the core communication medtod in the future.
Janith Amaratunga's comment, March 16, 2013 9:45 PM
i agree with you. my latest post suggests that social media is the future of IMC
Selina Nsw's comment, March 20, 2013 5:00 AM
Because social media is up, marketers should use social media as a platform to communicate with customers.