The pessimist’s cure for procrastination | Oliver Burkeman
Why being on a downer can really help to get things done
Are You Listening?

perspective and reflection, always. to get *others* to perceive and self-reflect...?

How To Create An Office Environment That Nurtures Intrapreneurship
Andreas von der Heydt says this is essential for success.
Personality Doesn't Determine Leadership Ability

Happy to be equally both introvert/extrovert (ambivert) and thanful for Susan Cain for all the work she does to teach people to understand the differences! 

25 Ways to Be More Creative
Feel like you lack imagination? Know this: Everyone can be more original--it just takes practice.
Employees Want Workplace Flexibility Over a Promotion
One of the most effective ways to have happy, hardworking and engaged employees is to allow them to make reasonable adjustments to their own schedules that allow them the most efficiency in both work and their lives.
Design Vs. Design Thinking--The Talent Battle Continues. - BusinessWeek
Read the corporate innovation blog for updates on product innovation and design. Learn about service innovation and social networking in the innovation blogs.
Business Insider

I put together informational interview questions to ask before applying for a job I'm interested in...before I saw this article. Really happy to see I got so close to these recommendations in the tone and idea behind what I want to know!

Move Over, Barbie — You’re Obsolete
If I had a little girl, I would buy this toy for her — twice.
Resume tips for a career in innovation - Peter J Thomson
I get asked a lot for advice about how to get a job in advertising, design or PR. Most of the people that ask me are looking for jobs as a strategist, plan... by Peter Thomson