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Can Luxury Brands and Technology Co-Exist?

Can Luxury Brands and Technology Co-Exist? | Insights |

Over the past months we’ve seen luxury fashion labels taking great risks to incorporate technology and digital innovation into their brand dialogue, both online and off. However, the growing perception within the industry seems to be that incorporation alone is no longer enough. Rather, in order to remain relevant in the eyes of today’s consumer and a technology-focused global market, fashion labels must now produce digital content on par with leading technology companies.

Via Gabriella Wimmer
Gabriella Wimmer's curator insight, November 4, 2013 3:53 AM

I think at this point we have to consider the type of "luxury" that can be integrated with technology. Fast luxury certainly can shine with technology because of the pace at which it moves. However, slow luxury - by the simple fact that it requires time to handcraft and there is an art to how the goods are made - will not cleanly merge with technological and digital innovations - both from an internal perception and from the branding story that in presented to the consumer.

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China Rises - Getting Rich (New York Times Television)

In 25 Years, China has achieved the most rapid economic advance in such a short time of any nation in history. How? By scrapping its devotion to collectivism...
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Emotional engagement drives up value of luxury cosmetics

Emotional engagement drives up value of luxury cosmetics | Insights |
As times change and consumers expect more from their products, emotional engagement is becoming the dominant driver of purchase decisions and brand loyalty.

Via Cristin Grogan
Cristin Grogan's curator insight, April 10, 2013 2:25 PM

What really sells luxury cosmetics?  A 2013 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index found that "brand", "personal identity" and "character" exerted the strongest influence on consumer decision-making and engagement with brands.  Hitting all of these touch points during the consumer experience is what will ensure clients' lasting relationship with luxury products.  

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Is The Migrating Wealth Of China A Great Benefit To Overseas Business?

Is The Migrating Wealth Of China A Great Benefit To Overseas Business? | Insights |
China, widely known as the most populous country in the world has experienced many constitutional changes for long.

Via Allyster Campbell
Allyster Campbell's curator insight, December 12, 2013 1:13 AM

The best presentations are not only the main source of knowledge sharing but also the business success. Thus, one should prefer making the use of excellent layouts for draining China’s wealth to make their ideas more focused in front of the audience.