How Broadcasters and Voiceover Announcers Pronounce Foreign Names And Tricky Words? Very carefully...BONUS: Includes Great Online Pronunciation Resources| David Houston's blog | Inside Voiceover—Cutting-edge Insights + Enlightening, Entertaining News for Voiceover Professionals |
Thanks to voice actor, David Houston, for posting this fun segment from "Rachel Maddow Show" on the peculiarities and difficulties of pronouncing proper names and certain words properly---even for TV Broadcasters. (e.g., "ar-KAN-zis River" vs. "AR-kin-saw," the state.)

Bonus: Several excellent online pronunciation resources are provided so that if you ever have to pronounce the President of Algeria, Abdelaziz Bouteflika's name in a script, you'll actually know how to say it...

David Houston blog: "This segment from Wednesday's The Rachel Maddow Show serves to remind that, even (especially?) for those of us who talk for a living, some words and names are more problematic than others."