Voice Actors: Auralex Answers Your Prayers for a (relatively) Inexpensive Home Recording Sound-absorbing Solution (we hope): MudGuard Microphone Isolator  | Gearwire | Inside Voiceover—Cutting-edge Insights + Enlightening, Entertaining News for Voiceover Professionals | Scoop.it
It really could be the answer to many a voice actors home recording headaches–IF it works as advertised. With the Auralex name behind it, I'm cautiously hopeful... Did a quick Google search and typical price point online seems to be @$100.

BTW, though just announced "officially," it looks as though it's been on the market for a few months already. If any of you out there has one, and wants to share your experience–good or bad–please add to "Comments" below. Thanks.

Gearwire: "MudGuard is a new microphone isolator designed to help isolate monitors, amps, microphones, and stands in recording studios from hard surfaces...Ideal for voiceovers and vocals, the Auralex MudGuard features the company’s Studiofoam sound-absorbing acoustical foam, which helps to reduce excessive room ambience and off-axis sound. The MudGuard mounts easily to most microphone stands and clips and has an adjustable height."