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For those of you actors/voice actors who are planning to start your own blogs in 2012, here are some excellent tips on what NOT to do...

(H/t to fellow curator Martin Gysler for yet another excellent find.


"Are you thinking of starting a blog in 2012, or making significant changes to your old one?


One thing that you should always be 100% clear on is your purpose of writing. Is it to start a personal blog where you don’t really care if you have a total readership of 9 or is it to have a blog that you want to monetize at some point.


If you belong to the former camp, then do as you please, and skip this post. If not, read on.


1. Making Your Blog All About You


Your blog is not an online journal. Although it might feel like the perfect place to let everything out, be careful about what you write. Especially, when you have aims of making money from it.


Many people get offended at this advice. They indignantly retort that they are writing for their friends and family only. If that is your intent – and it is perfectly fine – go ahead but keep this in mind it would be fairly hard if not impossible to reach wider audiences with a personal blog..."

Via Martin Gysler