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The "take 10 second to think before you post" is a brilliant rule we should all follow as well as it's corollary: "Don't post anything you wouldn't want your grandmother, clients or employees to read and associate with you." Just remember, when it comes to the internet, once you put it out there, it may be out there forever...  


(Thanks to fellow Scoop.it curator par excellence, Martin Gysler, for finding this post.)


INC: "I really want to tell you about my lingerie ... but I'm not going to.


It's true that I've found a certain line of women's underwear that I'm so excited about that, at times, I'm inclined to want to tweet and Facebook about them. But clearly, I don't—because I impose upon myself the common sense "10 second rule."


As a business owner as well as an individual who values some boundaries on her privacy, I take 10 seconds to ask myself, Do I really want the whole world to know this about me? Because in all the haste to seem social media savvy, I've seen a lot of smart people do, say and post a lot of things they may come to regret later..."

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