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I've been called that numerous times. I've been lead to believe I was some kind of monster. It sunk me down and alone in the darkness.


And then I came to believe that these people were wrong. We need balance. And I do think they easily forgot what I did for them and still do sometimes. In the very same way, I got tired of merely accepting stuff to make them happy or do something the way they wish to make them happy. Especially when I feel something may come out wrong.


We need to have argumentation capabilities and care for our own ideas as well. Nobody is entirely right, so please, find something in the middle. Keep defending your point of view and perspectives with passion. It will keep you alive, give you the kick to have more and better ideas, to do more and better things for everyone.


(do you find this contradictory when compared to the latest post from Seth Godin I just published here? - deal with it)