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* We don’t need better assessments; we need different assessments that help us understand students as learners and constructors of their own ongoing education instead of knowers of information and narrow skills.
* We don’t need better teachers; we need different teachers who see their roles as master learners first and content guides or experts second.
* We don’t need better schools; we need different schools that function as communities of inquiry and learning instead of delivery systems for a highly proscribed, traditional curriculum.


… the idea of a fully networked, progressive learning environment would for the vast majority constitute *different* and would require us... to redefine the future.


By Will Richardson - Redifine "Better"  http://willrichardson.com/post/26655603242/redefine-better ;

Also note: Umair Haque’s “Declare Your Radicalness"  http://blogs.hbr.org/haque/2012/07/declare_your_radicalness.html ;

Via David Truss, Elena Elliniadou, Heiko Idensen, Marcel Lebrun