Open Source Tackles eHealthcare Records In Places Microsoft Can't | Innovation & Institutions, Will it Blend? |

" if a midwife is juggling three deliveries at a time, recording the details isn’t high on the list of priorities," especially in underdeveloped countries.

This use of open source technology reminds me of a systemic innovation by a doctor who's innovation cut premature infant mortality almost in half in Mumbai.  Innovation in underdeveloped countries has lessons for us all.


eHealth Nigeria is using an open source health records system to create digital records of births a happening across northern Nigeria each day.

Under the aegis of their nonprofit, eHealth Nigeria, Castle and Thompson have built a digital records system meant to eventually serve healthcare facilities across northern Nigeria, but it doesn't use the sort of specialized health care software in U.S. or even everyday database software.

There's no Kaiser software. And no Microsoft.

The system is based on OpenMRS, an open source health records system designed specifically for use in underdeveloped regions. 

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