These Are The Top 10 Innovation Myths | Innovation & Institutions, Will it Blend? |
Entrepreneurs aren't the only game changers.


Scott Anthony and colleague Josh Suskewicz came up with 10 innovation myths that they  encounter most often in the field.


The 10 MYTHS include:

> Innovation is random  

See the Proctor & Gamble innovation post in this curation stream as well as the Top 10 Myths list by Scott and Josh.


> You're either an innovator or you're not  (Glad to hear about nuture vs. nature.)


> Game changing innovation is done only by entrepreneurs  

(What a relief to see this one, as this is about intitutional innovation.)


Scott Anthony is the Managing Director of Innosight Ventures and has written three books on innovation, the latest being The Silver Lining: An Innovation Playbook for Uncertain Times.