Remodel Your Meetings To Create Internal Entrepreneurs | Fast Company | Innovation & Institutions, Will it Blend? |
Imagine going to work on a Monday, only to find that everything in your work environment changed overnight. The corporate reception area is gone, along with the receptionist, who could barely be bothered to acknowledge the likes of you, anyway.


In less than two hours, everything is radically transformed. Each new idea is nurtured, explored and tested rather than flatly rejected with one negative cliché after another. The glass is suddenly perceived as half-full rather than relegated to its usual half-empty status.  


...BlackBerries and iPhones are turned off. ...There are no emails. The focus is absolute.


Good ideas are immediately locked in. People claim responsibility for tasks. Small groups are formed to set plans in motion.


Deadlines are set for the next month, as opposed to the next year. After the meeting, everyone leaves with a one-page summary of all the decisions.


Read on for some great inspiration and possibly, "it could happen here!"