Scaling Up in the UK:  Zapp App Enables Millions of Shoppers to Pay by SmartPhone | Innovation & Institutions, Will it Blend? |

Millions of consumers will be able to use a smartphone app to pay for purchases this year in the latest shift away from cash and card payments.


Known as Zapp, the app is due to launch in the autumn and will be available to 18 million UK current account holders with HSBC, First Direct, Nationwide, Santander and Metro Bank.


The mobile payment system will only work for online purchases initially, but Peter Keenan, chief executive of Zapp, said he expects it to be enabled for at least one in five store payments from late 2015, meaning that consumers can "leave their wallets at home".

From another article about smartphone app payments in the US from The Verge:

There are two primary means of paying with your phone at a brick-and-mortar store: scan to pay using a QR code, and tap to pay using Near-Field Communication, or NFC. As the market battle rages over which pay-by-phone technology will win out, LevelUp has decided to hedge its bets with a new piece of hardware that supports both.  

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