Two Of New York's Hottest Entrepreneurs Explain Why Doing Social Good Is Great For Your Business | Innovation & Institutions, Will it Blend? |

"Be excellent to each other."

Here's why the companies were so successful, according to the founders:

Neil Blumenthal, co-founder of Warby Parker:

We find that 50 percent of the people coming to our site come from word of mouth, and because we do good, we feel like that's a big part of generating that buzz.

Lincoln Brown, co-founder of SoJo Studios:

We have around 450,000 players — around 2.5 percent of them pay for goods in the game. We give around 50 percent of our profits — but no less than 20 percent of our revenue — to social good.

It turns social games from a guilty pleasure into something gamers feel good about playing.

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