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Bricks and mortar institutions:  meet online disruptors in the academy.  Udemy is the next shoe dropping with its Faculty Project, online courses offered by professors at a number of top institutions.


This announcement comes right on the heels of news about a Stanford professor leaving his tenured job in order to reach bigger audiences that have flocked to his artificial intelligence course online.



Udemy, a company that allows anyone to create and sell courses through its online platform, has announced a new area of its site, called The Faculty Project, devoted to courses by professors at a number of top institutions, such as Colgate, Duke University, Stanford University, Northwestern University, Vanderbilt University, the University of Virginia, Dartmouth College and Vassar College. While Udemy is a for-profit enterprise, the Faculty Project courses will be free.


The goal is to “elevate the brand,” according to Gagan Biyani, Udemy’s president and co-founder. The company says it has no immediate plans to monetize the Faculty Project, and would never do so without the input and permission of its faculty contributors.

Via Smithstorian, Keith Hampson PhD