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This is Proctor & Gamble's site posting their monthly innovations spaces.  In a post-Jobs-angst world where Apple and Google are maturing admist buzz that they may be losing their innovation edge, P & G stands as an example of large company innovation, connected with the leadership of A.G. Lafley.


From the site: "We are growing P&G by fulfilling our Purpose with innovative products that improve people’s lives in small but meaningful ways."


P & G's website & global showcase:


* The Clay Street Project - November - taps into P&G's greatest asset – its people.


* The Loft Approach - September - an immersive, multi-sensorial experience based on classic storytelling that helps P&G teams solve unique problems, look at a new future and create new products.


* Business Sphere - Business Sufficiency analytic models enable the Company to be rapidly responsive to changes in the marketplace and uncover new opportunities


* Product of the Year - June - Consumers around the globe chose 22 P&G products to be honored with Product of the Year Awards for 2011. These awards represent the world's largest consumer-voted distinction for product innovation.