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It's been said that IBM's geniuses collective will challenge Apple's 1 genius model.

This post features an interview with IBM's VP for digital strategy & devel. highlighting their change/leading trend practice on internal curation.


I'm sharing Robin Good's ScoopIt  (curation commentator, blogger) geared for trend spotters, intranet managers and content strategists.


Mark Ragan interviews Ben Edwards, Vice-President for Digital Strategy and Development at IBM on  the changing landscape for corporate intranets.


What caught my attention:


- Effective internal collaboration within the company can bring to the development of new commercial products and services.


- Institutional and internally-produced professional content is declining and it is giving way to lots of new employee-generated content. 


- The company must be outward looking and play a role in suggesting what employee must be attention to.


- Curation is an effective approach to manage and extract greater value from such growing amount of content.

- Curation is about providing a trusted source that can  pick, select, suggest and "frame" what needs to be attention to. What is of value. 


- Curation is about being a subject matter expert on a specific "vertical" area of interest - and this is something a company may want to look into both for "external" and "internal" communications


- Companies like IBM are now enabling the "experts" within the company to communicate more and better. 


- The trend is toward cultivating more internal collaboration, and to enable our people to be great communicators who can create extra value out there


Insightful. 8/10


See the 9 min video interview here: 

Via Robin Good