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We use web browsers every day and don’t really think about them until something goes wrong. Google Chrome crashed on me the other day and I got the iconic “Aw, Snap!” page with the unhappy folder icon. Instead of being cross at the error, it made me smile, and I was more forgiving of the browser for crashing. This is an example of how personality can engage customers’ emotions and help them build a stronger relationship with your brand.


What a great article! It is all about the risks and rewards of developing your brand with personality.


Why should you bother? Because once again, it is all about emotionally connecting with your customers/prospects. It is giving them an experience. It is using the 'character' story element for creating effective biz stories to the max.


The authors give terrific examples and lay out for us step-by-step the reasons and actions to take for developing a brand personality.


Oh, and BTW -- it is not about creating a veneer or fake personality just to make sales. It truly is all about the authentic YOU.


Enjoy reading this post. I think you will find it enormously helpful as you continue to craft the personality of your business.


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